Center for Ergonomics

Center Profile

The UWM Center for Ergonomics is a joint collaboration between the College of Engineering & Applied Science and the College of Health Sciences, and is directed by Dr. Arun Garg, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Dr. Phyllis King, Professor of Occupational Therapy. One of only a few in the nation, the Center for Ergonomics engages in collaborative research on ergonomics and healthcare, with courses taught by faculty from Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Industrial Engineering.

Research topics include: the ergonomic design of products, workplace design, and prevention and alleviation of back, shoulder and other injuries among health professionals, factory workers, and a variety of other occupations.

In 2006 the center entered into a new collaborative relationship with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). The three-year project studies a cohort of 600 workers from more than 15 industries to monitor upper limb disorders and their relationship to job-related physical risks.

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