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Three Faculty Members Receive Catalyst Grants From
UW Research Foundation

Ilya Avdeev developed an expertise in finite element analysis while working at ANSYS, Inc. In this project he will work to develop efficient algorithms to model thermal deformations. These algorithms could potentially allow machines such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners to adapt and correct in real-time as heating causes sensitive parameters to change.

Adel Nasiri has expertise in power electronics, storage and control. He will explore load-leveling techniques, applied in other settings, for use in imaging systems. The concept could lower the burden on electrical systems that supply power for imaging systems, making them less expensive to install and maintain.

Jun Zhang hopes to reduce the cost and complexity of imaging systems by applying his expertise in Bayesian-based signal processing techniques. Imaging systems no longer use film; instead, they employ closely packed detector arrays that are expensive and difficult to manufacture. Zhang will explore whether advanced signal processing techniques can allow manufacturers to use fewer detectors while achieving the same image quality.