Changsoo Kim Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Materials Science & Engineering


  • Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
  • M.S.,Metallurgical Engineering, Seoul National University (South Korea), 1999
  • B.S., Materials Science and Engineering, POSTECH (South Korea), 1997

Research Focus:

Multi-scale (atomistic, mesoscale, and continuum) computational materials science

  • Density-functional theory (DFT) computations
  • Molecular dynamics (MD) computations
  • Phase-field modeling (PFM) computations
  • Finite-element analysis (FEA) computations
  1. Advanced materials for structural applications
    • Advanced manufacturing for lightweight alloys and composites (Al and Mg)
    • 3D printing process for Al alloys
  2. Advanced materials for electrochemical storage applications (Li- and Na- based batteries)
    • Thermo-mechanical stability of electrochemical storage devices
    • Advanced solid electrolyte materials
    • Interface phenomena and cell reaction
  3. Advanced materials for biomedical applications
    • Controlled drug delivery from drug-polymer coatings
    • 3D printing process for Ti alloys
    • Fluid flow


Selected Peer-Review Publications (after 2014)

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  • H. Park, K. Jung, M. Nezafati, C.-S. Kim, and B. Kang, "Sodium Ion Diffusion in Nasicon (Na3Zr2Si2PO12) Solid Electrolytes: Effects of Excess Sodium," ACS Appl. Mater. Interface, 8 (2016) 27814-27824 (Corresponding)
  • K. Jung, J.P. Colker, Y. Cao, G. Kim, Y.-C. Park, and C.-S. Kim, "A Thermo-mechanical Stress Prediction Model for Contemporary Planar Sodium Sulfur (NaS) Cells," J. Power Source., 324 (2016) 665-673 (Corresponding)
  • M. Nezafati, K. Cho, A. Giri, and C.-S. Kim, "DFT Study on the Water Molecule Adsorption and the Surface Dissolution Behavior of Mg Alloys," Mater. Chem. Phys., 182 (2016) 347-358 (Corresponding)
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