Apply for Admission – New Freshmen

College of Engineering & Applied Science Admission Requirements

Admission to the College of Engineering and Applied Science is based on an overall assessment of both academic and nonacademic qualifications. The primary factors considered for admission are the strength and quality of the high school curriculum, high school class percentile, grade point average and the results of the ACT or SAT. Well-prepared freshmen applicants will have four years of mathematics and four years of natural science. Nonacademic qualifications will also be considered, such as leadership skills, diversity in personal background, work experience, motivation, and maturity.

The college offers three levels of placement for admitted new freshmen. The intention is to identify students with similar academic preparation and offer them an entry point for their level. A student’s initial placement will be reconsidered after the completion of required course placement exams. The three placement levels are:

1. Admission Directly to Major: Typically students who are placed in this level have a 3.5/4.00 high school GPA with an ACT composite score of 25 and an ACT math sub-score of at least 28.
2. Admission to Pre-Engineering or Pre-Computer Science: have a 3.0/4.00 high school GPA with an ACT composite score of 23 and an ACT math sub-score of at least 25.
3. Admission to Bridge Program: A limited number of freshmen applicants who do not meet other requirements will be asked to participate in an academic support program during the summer prior to their first semester.

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