Dynamic Blade Technologies licenses UWM wind turbine energy-storage technology

MILWAUKEE – Dynamic Blade Technologies Inc., a Texas-based start-up company, has entered into a licensing agreement with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Research Foundation (UWMRF) to develop and commercialize an energy-storage and power-conversion technology for wind turbines.

Developed in the laboratory of Adel Nasiri, professor of electrical engineering, the patent-pending technology uses ultra-capacitors as an energy-storage element on the turbine. This system incorporates algorithms that aid in buffering changes in power output to provide grid stability during varying wind and grid low-voltage conditions.

Benefits of the technology include less mechanical wear on the gearbox, lower repair costs, higher efficiency and support for power-system stability.

Dynamic Blade Technologies is building a portfolio of wind turbine technologies in order to help wind farms increase energy extraction and reduce operations and maintenance expenses.

“The tests have shown that this technology can be very effective at smoothing the output power of wind turbines, and we are very excited to help wind farms improve their return on investment,” said Corey Park, CEO of Dynamic Blade Technologies.

A prototype 10-kilowatt-scale wind turbine has been installed outside the University Services and Research building to collect further data for proof of concept. “We are excited to partner with Dynamic Blade Technologies to confirm the advantages of the technology and move it toward commercialization,” said Nasiri. “We believe this technology solves a major problem for wind turbine owners and operators.”

The number of installed turbines grew on average by 25 percent between 2007 and 2012, and continues to be the fastest-growing renewable energy market globally.

Dynamic Blade Technologies is currently seeking investors and development partners for the technology.

Contact Park at corey@windfarmtech.com.

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