Computer Labs Policy

  • Any UWM student currently enrolled in any CEAS course is given access to the CEAS Laboratories and the CEAS networks.
  • Every CS student is given a course account for each course he/she is currently enrolled in. Each course account has a 40 MB of disk space. Every CAE student is given one course account for all of the courses they are enrolled in. That course account has 40MB disk space allocated to it for each CEAS course they are currently enrolled in. CEAS students can also request a permanent CEAS account that they can use in the CEAS laboratories while they are a student at the college.
  • All CEAS faculty have access to the CEAS Laboratories and all CEAS computer networks.
  • All CEAS Laboratories are open 24 hours per day except July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. See posting outside the CEAS labs at these periods for the exact closing times.
  • Users (students, faculty, and staff) are not allowed to install or use any software not already resident on the CEAS network or laboratory systems without prior approval of the CEAS Lab Manager.
  • No food or beverage is allowed under any circumstances in the CEAS Laboratories.
  • Users (students, faculty, and staff) may not allow others to use their account privileges.
  • Vandalism or computer “hacking” of any kind is not allowed in the CEAS Laboratories and machines.
  • Violation of any CEAS Laboratory Policy may result in academic or legal action against the violator.
  • Faculty/staff have to consult the CEAS Lab Manager before ordering any software, to be installed on the network. Any software, which requires hardware keys, will NOT be allowed on the PC network in the future.