In the Informatics track, students obtain an understanding of information technology and the role it plays in in the biomedical world. Informatics track candidates gain knowledge that enables them to use technology for new applications including:

  • information analysis of electronic medical records
  • creation of digital imaging systems
  • decision support for medical staff
  • analysis of health policies

Master’s degree graduates with a track in Informatics will be ready to respond to the real-world demand for biomedical knowledge. Employers include healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, software development firms, and insurance companies. You must meet Graduate School requirements to enroll in this track.


Track Course Requirements:

  • Prior to enrollment, students must have taken at least one course in statistics (such as BIOSCI 465, EDPSYCH624, EDPSYCH624, IE 467, or MATHSTAT 362) and have proficiency in computer programming with data structures (such as CS 351).
  • In the program, all students take one semester of Bioengineering seminar, CompSci 880.
  • Students must also take at least 9 credits from Group A and 9 credits from Group B below with a maximum of 3 credits in CS 657/790 with appropriate topic (subject to advisor’s approval). The remaining credits may be taken as free electives.
Group A
CompSci 710 Artificial Intelligence3 cr G
CompSci/ElecEng 711 Pattern Recognition3 cr G
CompSci/ElecEng 712 Image Processing,3 cr G
CompSci/ElecEng 755 Information Coding and Theory3 cr G
CompSci 790 Advanced Topics in Computer Science3 cr G
CompSci 425 Introduction to Data Mining3 cr U/G
CompSci 557 Introduction to Database Systems3 cr U/G
CompSci 657 Topics in Computer Science1-3 cr U/G
Group B
CompSci 744 Text Retrieval and its Applications in Biomedicine3 cr G
CompSci 745 Introduction to Biomedical Informatics3 cr G
HC1 700 Introduction to Health Care Informatics
CompSci 790 Advanced Topics in Computer Science3 cr G
CompSci 870 Medical Informatics Seminar1 cr G
CompSci 880 Bioengineering Seminar1 cr G
HCI 722 Legal, Ethical and Social Issues in Health Care Informatics3 cr G
HS 701 Human Pathophysiology3 cr G
ElecEng 436 Intro to Medical Instrumentation3 cr U/G
ElecEng 437 Intro to Biomedical Imaging3 cr U/G