The Biomaterials track provides students the opportunity to learn about modern biomaterials applied to medical devices and implants. This includes advanced applications and emerging technologies in areas such as:

  • nano-biomaterials
  • drug delivery
  • wound healing
  • immune response
  • tissue engineering

In this track, coursework is not limited to engineering. Students also take courses in biological science, chemistry, and health sciences. This gives students a broad view of the newest research in biomedical functions, biological responses, mechanics, and application advancements. The coursework and hands-on experience in this track prepare students for a career in the biomedical field or for advanced academic work in a healthcare-related field. You must meet Graduate School Requirements to enroll in this track.

Track Course Requirements:

  • All students must take at least 9 credits from Group A 
  • Thesis students must take at least 18 credits combined from Group A and Group B
  • Non-thesis option students must take at least 24 credits combined from Group A and Group B
  • Students need to have at least 2, but no more than 3 credits of MatlEng 880
  • The remaining credits may be taken as free electives.


Group A
Civ Eng/MechEng 469- Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering 3 cr U/G
Civ Eng 732- Fatigue in Engineering Materials3 cr G
MatlEng 452- Ceramic Materials 3 cr U/G
MatlEng 453- Polymeric Materials 3 cr U/G
MatlEng 485- Introduction to Biomaterials  3 cr U/G
MatlEng 710- Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3 cr G
Group B
MatlEng 880- Bioengineering Seminar 1 cr G
Bio Sci 401- Immunology2 cr U/G
Bio Sci 542- Biological Electron Microscopy3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 595- Molecular Biotechnologyr3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 596- Neuropharmacology3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 700- Principles in Molecular Biology4 cr G
Chem 501- Introduction to Biochemistry3 cr U/G
Chem 602- Biochemistry: Cellular Processes3 cr U/G
Civ Eng/MechEng 463- Introduction to Finite Elements3 cr U/G
Civ Eng 725- Finite Element Methods in Engineering3 cr U/G
C L Sci 615- Cellular and Molecular Toxicology  3 cr U/G
ElecEng 436- Introduction to Medical Instrumentation3 cr U/G
ElecEng 437- Introduction to Biomedical Imaging3 cr U/G
KIN 520- Advanced Biomechanics3 cr U/G
MatlEng 410- Mechanical Behavior of Materials3 cr U/G
MatlEng/Mech Eng 457- Engineering Composites3 cr U/G
MatlEng/MechEng 465- Friction and Wear3 cr U/G
MatlEng 701- Properties of Solids3 cr G
MatlEng 720- Kinetic Processes in Materials3 cr G
MatlEng 720- Kinetic Processes in Materials3 cr G
MatlEng  Nanomaterials and Nanodevices3 cr U/G