M.S. Track in Biomaterials

The Biomaterials track provides students the opportunity to learn about modern biomaterials applied to medical devices and implants. This includes advanced applications and emerging technologies in areas such as:

  • nano-biomaterials
  • drug delivery
  • wound healing
  • immune response
  • tissue engineering

In this track, coursework is not limited to engineering. Students also take courses in biological science, chemistry, and health sciences. This gives students a broad view of the newest research in biomedical functions, biological responses, mechanics, and application advancements. The coursework and hands-on experience in this track prepare students for a career in the biomedical field or for advanced academic work in a healthcare-related field. You must meet Graduate School Requirements to enroll in this track.

Track Course Requirements:

  • All students must take at least 9 credits from Group A 
  • Thesis students must take at least 18 credits combined from Group A and Group B
  • Non-thesis option students must take at least 24 credits combined from Group A and Group B
  • Students need to have at least 2, but no more than 3 credits of MatlEng 880
  • The remaining credits may be taken as free electives.


Group A
Civ Eng/MechEng 469- Introduction to Biomechanical Engineering 3 cr U/G
Civ Eng 732- Fatigue in Engineering Materials3 cr G
MatlEng 452- Ceramic Materials 3 cr U/G
MatlEng 453- Polymeric Materials 3 cr U/G
MatlEng 485- Introduction to Biomaterials  3 cr U/G
MatlEng 710- Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials 3 cr G
Group B
MatlEng 880- Bioengineering Seminar 1 cr G
Bio Sci 401- Immunology2 cr U/G
Bio Sci 542- Biological Electron Microscopy3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 595- Molecular Biotechnologyr3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 596- Neuropharmacology3 cr U/G
Bio Sci 700- Principles in Molecular Biology4 cr G
Chem 501- Introduction to Biochemistry3 cr U/G
Chem 602- Biochemistry: Cellular Processes3 cr U/G
Civ Eng/MechEng 463- Introduction to Finite Elements3 cr U/G
Civ Eng 725- Finite Element Methods in Engineering3 cr U/G
C L Sci 615- Cellular and Molecular Toxicology  3 cr U/G
ElecEng 436- Introduction to Medical Instrumentation3 cr U/G
ElecEng 437- Introduction to Biomedical Imaging3 cr U/G
KIN 520- Advanced Biomechanics3 cr U/G
MatlEng 410- Mechanical Behavior of Materials3 cr U/G
MatlEng/Mech Eng 457- Engineering Composites3 cr U/G
MatlEng/MechEng 465- Friction and Wear3 cr U/G
MatlEng 701- Properties of Solids3 cr G
MatlEng 720- Kinetic Processes in Materials3 cr G
MatlEng 720- Kinetic Processes in Materials3 cr G
MatlEng  Nanomaterials and Nanodevices3 cr U/G