Web Development Certificate Requirements :

  • 15 credits from the approved courses below; no more than 6 credits can overlap with a student’s major
  • Obtain a 2.50 GPA in courses used to complete the certificate
  • At least 8 credits must be completed at UWM
  • No course may be taken on a credit/no credit basis
  • Students may count no more than 6 credits from a major towards the Web Development Certificate

Required Courses – 15 credits

Web Documents (3 credits) – Must complete at least ONE of the following:

Comp Sci 113Web Document Production ORNone
Art 324Web DesignAdmission to Art & Design Program, Art 118
InfoSt 240Introduction to Web DesignInfoSt 230(C)

Web Programming (6 credits)

Comp Sci 481Server-side Internet ProgrammingCompSci 113(C), InfoSt 240(C), or Art 324(C)
Comp Sci 482Rich Internet Applications CompSci 361 or 481

Electives (6 credits)

Art 2182D Design StrategiesNone
Art 224Dynamic TypographyArt 101(P), 108(P), & 118(P); or pre-Inter-Arts/IAT prog.
Art 324 Web DesignAdmission to Art & Design program or pre-Inter-Arts/IAT program, Art 118
Art 325Multimedia DesignAdmission to Art & Design program or Inter-Arts/IAT program
Bus Adm 531Developing Web Applications Using Web ServicesJr St, Bus Adm 432, Admission to Business major
Bus Adm 532 Web Development for Open Business SystemsJr St, Bus Adm 432, Admission to Business major
Commun 313Human Communication and Technology Jr St, English Competency
Commun 413 Rhetoric and the InternetJr St, English Competency
Comp Sci 112 Introduction to the Internet and WWWNone
Comp Sci 351 Data Structures & Algorithms Comp Sci 251*, Math 116 or 211
Comp Sci 361 Introduction to Software EngineeringCompSci 351*, English Competency
Comp Sci 425Introduction to Data MiningJr St, CompSci 251, Math 221 or 232
Comp Sci 444Intro to Text Retrieval & its Applications in BiomedicineJr St, CompSci 351 or HCA 442
Currins 530Workshop in Computer Instruction in the Schools Jr St
Currins 547 Curricular Applications of the Internet Jr St, Admissions to the School of Education
English 439Document DesignJr St; English 205(P), 206(P), or 207(P), or cons instr.
HCA 444 Intro. to Text Retrieval and its Applications in BiomedicineJr St, English 205, 206, or 207
HCA 542Healthcare Database Design and Management HCA 541(441) or L&I Sci 340
InfoSt 110 Introduction to Information Studies None
InfoSt 310 Human Factors in Information Seeking and UseInfoSt 110(C)
InfoSt 410 Database Information Retrieval SystemsJr St
*C or better in prerequisite

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Prerequisite coursework may be required. It is important that you meet with an advisor to ensure you understand all requirements. For more information or to declare a Web Development Certificate, contact the Engineering Student Services Office at 414-229-4667 or in EMS E386