Thermal Analysis

Thermal Gravimetric Analysis/Differential Thermal Analysis


  • TA Instruments SDT2960 (with RGA mass spectrometer)
  • Thermal analysis of powders, liquids, and solids (RT-1100°C)
  • Measurement of mass and temperature difference as a function of time (in flowing gas environment: Nitrogen, argon, air, or rough vacuum)
  • Analysis of water loss, solid state reactions, phase changes, decomposition.


Differential Scanning Calorimetry


  • TA Instruments Q10
  • Thermal analysis of powder, liquids, or solids. (-50°C – 400°C)
  • Measurement of glass transition temperature, crystallization, melting temperature and enthalpies.
  • Curing kinetics of polymers, heat capacity, etc. as a function of temperature or time.