Instrument User Guides

Abridged instrument user guides are provided for each instrument at the Advanced Analysis Facility for basic use.  User guides provide step-by-step methodology for instrument start-up, running basic sample tests, saving data (and in some cases, data manipulation) and safe instrument shut-down procedure.

For advanced test methods or non-standard sample types, please contact AAF staff.  More information about the instrumental techniques can be found in the links provided on the webpages pertaining to the instrument.

Instrument User Guide List:
Bruker D8 Discover X-ray Diffractrometer
Scintag XDS 2000 X-ray Diffractometer
JEOL Scanning Electron Microscope
TopCon SM-300 Scanning Electron Microscope
Perkin Elemer Phi 5450 X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometer
Hewlett Packard 5950A ESCA System
Olympus LEXT OLS4100 Laser Confocal Microscope
Agilent Technologies 5420 Atomic Force Microscope
Bruker Vector 22 FTIR
ATI Mattson Quantum FTIR Microscope
Ocean Optics SD2000 UV-VIS Spectrometer
Thermo Electron S4 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
TA Instruments SDT2960 Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer
TA Instruments Q10 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TA Instruments Q800 Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer
Agilent Technologies Nanoindenter G200
Micromiritics ASAP 2020 BET Surface area/Pore size
Brookhaven Instruments Corp. 90 Plus/BI-MAS Particle Sizer
Brookhaven Instruments Corp. Zeta PLUS/PALS Zeta Potential Analyzer