Instrument Scheduling

Instrument time is scheduled through Office 365 calendar system shared among users of the Facility.  In order to gain access first contact Dr. Steve Hardcastle about instrument training.  Once proficient in instrument use, a user will receive an email calendar share link to their Office 365 account (same email account as Panther Email).  To schedule time on a particular instrument, follow the simple guidelines below.

1. Open Office 365 Calendar.  Each instrument is assigned its own calendar and therefore, depending on a user’s instrument access, several instrument calendars may be shown simultaneously.scheduling page

2. To schedule time for a single instrument, un-select the others so that only the instrument you desire to schedule is highlighted as shown below.scheduling2

3. Click on the day that you wish to schedule instrument time.  An event scheduling window will prompt for “Event”, “Location”, and “Start/End” times.  For “Event”, make sure to list the instrument name and user’s name/research group PI or your business name.  It is most convenient to select “custom” from the drop down menu for start time and then to select the start/end times accordingly.   Also, make sure that the proper calendar is selected for the “Calendar” drop down menu.scheduling3


4. After clicking “Save”, the instrument calendar will re-appear showing the day, time, and Event title for your assigned block of instrument time.scheduling4


Cancellation of instrument time:

If you must cancel scheduled instrument time, please do so at least 12 hours in advance of the assigned time.  Failure to do so will result in a “no-show” fee equal to the instrument rate/hr for the duration of time assigned on the calendar.

The purpose of this penalty is to encourage user’s to respect each other’s research and analysis deadlines as some of the instrument usage is particularly high and cancelled time could be filled by another user.