• UWM engineer Adel Nasiri, Ph.D. perfects energy controls and storage technology.

Changing the World

As the population grows and the viability of traditional energy sources diminishes, the creation of reliable energy generation and distribution systems is one of humanity’s most important challenges. Dr. Nasiri and his team are exploring methods to make electric power systems more sustainable, cost-effective, and secure through research on energy storage, microgrid systems, and renewable energy sources.

Power and Electronics and Electric Drives Lab

A part of the Center for Sustainable Electrical Energy Systems run by Dr. Adel Nasiri, the Power and Electronics and Electric Drives Lab focuses on all aspects of electrical energy generation and conversion. By integrating multiple energy conversion and storage devices, Dr. Nasiri and his team are able to design systems that provide the most effective, efficient, and reliable means of providing power to loads. The goal of these research projects is to develop technologies for multiple industries and build a talent pipeline for companies in Southeastern Wisconsin.


Power outages disrupt our lives in real and tangible ways. Dr. Nasiri and his team are developing microgrid architecture and controls to achieve higher energy reliability, security, and resiliency. They are also developing architectures for future power distribution systems.
Working with federal agencies and private companies, Dr. Nasiri’s team is identifying ways in which storage devices can help manage energy in diverse applications. For example, storage devices can manage pulse loads and grid level and can enable the use of smaller and more efficient power supplies for medical devices. Dr. Nasiri is also working on the development of hybrid energy storage systems for vehicles.