David Klingbeil

Assistant Professor - School Psychology
Educational Psychology

David Klingbeil is a faculty member in the school psychology area. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 2013 after completing an APA-accredited internship at the Louisiana School Psychology Internship Consortium. He teaches courses in professional issues, ethics, and law in school psychology; curriculum-based assessment and academic intervention; and developmental psychopathology.

Research Interests

The aim of my research is to improve student outcomes in urban schools by identifying and facilitating educators’ use of evidence-based practices. To meet this goal, my research focuses on two related strands, couched within a problem-solving framework.

  1. I am interested in evaluating the evidence supporting popular educational practices to identify moderators of effectiveness (i.e., for problems does the intervention help and what ecological factors must schools consider), often via meta-analytic research.
  2. I am interested in designing and/or modifying existing evidence-based practices to fit within the ecological context of urban schools. This includes practices to identify students needing additional support (i.e., universal screening) and evidence-based interventions designed to support these students.

Current Projects

Under the two strands listed above, I am engaged in several research projects. Graduate students in the school psychology program are involved in data collection, data analysis, writing, and presenting the results.

  1. My colleagues and I are engaged in a line of inquiry that examines the evidence supporting mindfulness-based interventions to quantify the evidence supporting these practices and identify potential moderating variables educators should consider when implementing mindfulness-based programs.
  2. I am partnering with a local public charter school to study the efficacy of reading interventions for English learners. We are currently evaluating the efficacy of a blended phonics and oral reading fluency intervention that was developed by the Minnesota Reading Corps.
  3. I am partnering with the Milwaukee Public Schools to develop and evaluate a modified behavioral intervention for students based on the hypothesized function of students’ behavior. This project is funded by the Institute of Education Sciences (R305L160013).
  4. My colleagues and have conducted studies evaluating universal screening practices in upper elementary and middle school grades. As part of this work, I have partnered with a local suburban school district to evaluate the accuracy of their universal screening procedures. We are currently conducting a prospective study of whether collecting additional curriculum-based measures improves identification of students needing additional math support.


Editorial Board, Journal of Behavioral Education, School Psychology Review, School Psychology Quarterly

David Klingbeil Curriculum Vitae (PDF)