Alison Ford

Associate Professor - Special Education Middle Childhood – Early Adolescence
Exceptional Education

Alison Ford works closely with Milwaukee Public Schools and other school districts to achieve high-quality, field-based certification programs for special education teachers. In addition, she has a long-standing interest in developing a meaningful and inclusive curriculum for students with cognitive disabilities.

Ford has co-authored curriculum materials including "The MPS Team Planning Process for Inclusive Education," "The Syracuse Community-referenced Curriculum Guide," and "Schooling and Disabilities." Prior to joining the UWM faculty, she was a member of the special education faculty at Syracuse University. Ford received her Ph.D. from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Grant Awards

Winn, J. & Ford, A. (Co-Directors). (2011-2016). Redesign Initiatives Project: Urban Special Education Teacher Preparation. Funded as a Personnel Preparation Project from the U.S. Department of Education, $300,000/yr.

Selected Publications

Rigoni, K.K, Longwell-Grice, H., Pugach, M. & Ford, A. (2013). "A Programmatic View of Portfolios for Urban Teacher Preparation: A Second Look". Education and Urban Society. 45, 88-119.

Ford, A. & various colleagues (2006-2012). Council on Professional Education Annual Reports: Praxis I and II Reports; Follow-up Survey Report; Exit Survey Report; Standards & Portfolio Report; Candidate Status Report.

Alison Ford Curriculum Vitae (PDF)