Our purpose is to provide collaborative, mentoring relationships which promote educational, career, and professional development.

We value a student-centered, holistic, and ethical approach based on strong partnerships with students, faculty and staff, and the larger campus community. We are committed to creating a respectful and supportive environment. We encourage students to be self-reliant through informed decisions and choices based upon dissemination of accurate information. We value our own continuous professional development to enhance the quality of the advising experience.

How To Prepare for an Advising Meeting

  • Review your Advisement Report in PAWS.
  • Come prepared with questions or topics for discussion.
  • Make a list of courses you think you should take.
  • Investigate opportunities to experience the job you want.
  • Keep a record of your academic progress.
  • Understand you are ultimately responsible for creating your educational, life, and career plans.
  • Maintain honest and open communication with your advisor.
  • Take responsibility for choices you make as a student and member of the University community.

If you are pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree, you will be assigned a faculty advisor at the time of admission. Please contact your academic department for more information.

Scheduling an Appointment

Office of Student Services
Enderis Hall, Room 209
General Questions/Appointments: (414) 229-4721

Walk-In Hours

Walk-in advising is for current School of Education students and is limited to 10-15 minutes. The schedule below will provide ample opportunities for you to meet briefly with your assigned academic advisor, or an advisor familiar with your program of study. This schedule allows for more availability for traditional appointments with your academic advisor. All advisors are available during the following walk-in hours, with the exception of Jen Hayes.

Thursday: 1:00 – 4:00 pm

Undergraduate & Post-baccalaureate Advisor List & Program Affiliation

Andrea Azarian
azarian@uwm.edu advises:

Tammy Badura
tlbadura@uwm.edu advises:

Nikki Claas
nclaas@uwm.edu advises:

Jen Hayes
jrhayes@uwm.edu advises:

Kristin Roosevelt
kroosev@uwm.edu advises: