There were no budget updates this week.


Here are the applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2017 semester as of February 13, 2017, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 32 in net admissions (down 19 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is up 4 in net admissions (up 15 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is down 2 in admissions (up 24 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)down 30 in admissions (up 20 in applications)


This past week I had regular meetings with Mike Steele, Administrative Leadership, Educational Policy and Community Studies, Jessica Russell and Erica Yewlett, Exceptional Education, and Carol Wacker.

Staff Advisory Meeting

Monday morning I attended the Staff Advisory meeting. The group reviewed their By-Laws and I encouraged them to seek formal recognition in the shared governance system in the SOE. The group then discussed how often they would convene with the entire staff. I believe they decided they would follow the all school meetings of once a semester and then as need be. There was some discussion about the vision and restructuring work and then they focused on ways to improve student/faculty services and retention.


After the staff advisory meeting, I attended the APBC meeting. During my attendance, Jessica gave an update on the budget and there was discussion about what we could do to reduce the carryforward debt. I asked the APBC that we could accelerate the elimination of the carryforward debt of about $1.5M, but it would mean short-term pain in order to get there. I shared Helen Bader School of Social Work did this a few years ago when they voluntarily took a 10% across the board budget cut. This positioned them to where they are now, out of debt and operating a balanced annual budget. The other option is the Provost has given us until 2020 to eliminate our carryforward debt, so we can chug along and reduce the debt gradually without much further pain other than it hampers our ability to change the status quo. This is all predicated on the assumption that our enrollments stay flat and do not decrease any further. If our enrollments decrease, then this counteracts our ability to pay off the debt.

Provost Dean’s Meeting

On Tuesday morning I attended the Provost Deans meeting. Dave Clark is now the acting Dean for L&S replacing Rodney Swain. We had a robust discussion on the Governor’s budget proposal and its potential impact. There are a lot of questions and rumors going around about the budget proposal. Now the legislature will have its chance to put their footprint on what actually gets submitted to the Governor for his signature. We literally won’t know the end product until June or July. I will keep the SOE informed as I learn anything concrete that impacts the SOE or UWM.

Erin Fox from the Graduate School and Steve Strehlow for University Relations gave us a presentation on the recruiting and marketing efforts happening in Illinois and around the region. They shared that for the 3rd year, the Graduate Open house held in October increased the number of attendees to it. The graduate school is now coordinating campus tours for prospective graduate students similar to what is happening for undergraduate students. The main difference is they are trying to involve faculty when possible. The graduate school is purchasing names for all the students who take the GRE from UWM hotspots (places where we attract students) for recruiting purposes.

Charter School Strategic Planning Meeting

On Wednesday morning I attended the Charter School strategic planning session at the alumni house for one hour until I had to leave for another engagement. While I was there, we worked on a SWOT analysis and identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the Office of Charter Schools. Afterwards, Adrienne Woods briefed me and said it was a good session. I believe they have one more session in March.

UWM SOE Basketball Party

On Saturday midday, the School of Education hosted an event for our faculty, staff, and alumni prior to the UWM Men’s basketball game versus UW-Green Bay at Panther Arena. We had about 50 people attend and everyone had a good time. Carol and I are trying to re-engage our alumni to bring them back into the fold, so that they are better connected to the SOE. Our long-term goal is to create engaged alumni who want to support our academic programs. Unfortunately, UW-Green Bay blew out UWM.


I want to congratulate Eduardo Bonilha on his new position in UITS. Eduardo will be leaving the BATO-IT department to take a position with IT Architecture & Infrastructure team in UITS. Eduardo has been a huge asset to the BATO team in his 10 years with the department. His last day will be Friday February 24. Please wish Eduardo the best when you see him this week.


Nominations for the Annual Alumni Awards banquet are available until April 14, 2017. The nomination materials are available at


Nominations for the Celebration of Teachers and Teaching Awards are available now and due by either March 24th or April 7th depending on the category. There are three categories: early career, advanced career, and champion of education. The first two are for early childhood educators, while the champion of education is for a broader audience.