Itziar Lazkano

Assistant Professor
 Bolton Hall 840



PhD, Economics, University of Calgary
MPhil, Economics, University of Portsmouth
BA, Economics, University of the Basque Country

Research Interests

Economic growth, Environmental and Resource Issues, Macroeconomics

Current Projects

“Intergenerational Externalities and Sustainable Growth.”
“Economic Growth and Environmental Policy with Short-lived Governments.” (with Francisco M. Gonzalez and Sjak Smulders)
“The Contribution of the Environment to Dynamic Inefficiency: An Empirical Approach.”
“Capacity and Non-compliance in Quota Regulated Industries.” (with Linda Nostbakken)

Selected Publications

“Can Energy-Capital Substitution Foster Economic Growth?” Land Economics, Forthcoming. (with Linh Pham).

Lazkano, I., Nøstbakken, L., & Prellezo, R. (2013). Past and Future Management of a Collapsed Fishery: The Bay of Biscay Anchovy. Natural Resource Modeling, 26(3), 281-304.
Prellezo, R., Lazkano, I., Santurtún, M., & Iriondo, A. (2009). A qualitative and quantitative analysis of selection of fishing area by Basque trawlers. Fisheries Research, 97(1-2), 24-31.