William L. Holahan

Professor Emeritus
 (414) 229-5759
 Bolton Hall 848



PhD, Brown University
MA, Brown University
BS, University of Notre Dame

Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics

Current Projects

Pricing in Spatial Economics; Pricing of Water; Research on Sports Economics

Selected Publications

“The External Congestion Costs of Differential Vehicle Size,” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Vol. 46 (2012), pp.67 – 78. (with Sara Cosgrove).

“Credible Collusion in a Spatial Economy,” International Economic Review, 44(1), February 2003: 299-312 (with John Gross).

“How to Carve a Medical Degree: Comment,” American Economic Review, 81(4), September 1991: 1015-16 (with Richard Perlman).

“The Welfare Effects of Market Shapes in the Loschian Location Model: Squares vs. Hexagons,” American Economic Review, 71(4), September 1981: 738-46 (with Richard E. Schuler).

“A Theoretical Analysis of Resale Price Maintenance,” Journal of Economic Theory, 21(3), December 1979: 411-20.