PhD Job Candidates

2016 – 2017 Job Market Candidates

Candidate Title of Dissertation Advisor
Gabriel Courey Market Power and the Nonprofit Sector John Heywood
Seyed Hesam Ghodsi
Do Economic Fundamentals Have Symmetric or Asymmetric Effects on HousePrices?
Mohsen Bahmani
Anni Huang Essays on International Credit Market and Monetary Policy Kundan Kishor
Sarah I. Imlau The International Trade Credit Channel: Implications for Industry Performance Rebecca Neumann
Amirhossein Mohammadian On the Relationship between Exchange Rate Changes and Domestic Production: Asymmetric Cointegration Approach Mohsen Bahmani
Mehrnoush Motamedi Essays on the Economics of the Family Scott Adams
Linh Pham Utilizing natural and man-made resources for economic development: What are the mechanisms and why? Itziar Lazkano
Majid Haghani Rizi Essays on Housing Markets and Financial Intermediaries Kundan Kishor
Sujata Saha Do Changes in Exchange Rates have Symmetric or Asymmetric Effect on Stock Prices? Mohsen Bahmani
Abdihafit Hassan Shaeye Essays on Human Capital and Wages of Refugees and Other Immigrants in the U.S. Scott Drewianka
Alexey I. Yukhov Essays on resource sector, international finance, and environmental policy
Rebecca Neumann