Water Resources Focus

Students choosing the water resources focus area study physical and chemical aspects of water as well as the geological and biological processes that influence its distribution, supply, quality, and ecological functions.

Numerous governmental agencies and private consulting firms hire graduates to work in the fields of water quality assessment, groundwater monitoring, and lake or stream management.

Some focus courses available include:

  • limnology
  • organic chemistry
  • physical hydrogeology
  • chemical hydrogeology
  • microbiology
  • soil science
  • geomorphology
  • environmental geology

Recommended Focus Courses

ARCH 340 - Second-Semester Russian (5 units; U)
Continuation of Russian 101. Prereq: Russian 101(P). Generates L&S credit for demonstrated equivalent preparation (4 retro cr).
BIO SCI 383 - Sexuality, Gender, and Health in Africa and the Diaspora (3 units; U)
Drawing on cultural studies and social science approaches, this course asks the question of how health and illness is socially and culturally determined. Prereq: jr st.
BIO SCI 406 - Basic Quantitative Methods for Business (2 units; G)
Foundational statistical concepts and other quantitative techniques essential for continued studies in the MBA and MS business programs. Prereq: grad st; working knowledge of mathematical skills through basic differentiation is assumed.
BIO SCI 475 - Interviewers and Interviewing (3 units; U)
Focuses on information-getting interviews. Discussion, practice, and analysis of interviewer effects, setting, question form, sequence, and wording. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of English Composition competency req.
BIO SCI 511 - Biomechanics Research Practicum (3 units; G)
Addresses research design issues, data collection and reduction techniques. Validity, reliability, and theory of biomechanics instrumentation systems (videography, cinematography, electromyography, force/torque transduction). Prereq: grad st; Kin 725(P) or cons instr.
BIO SCI 512 - Literature and Film: (3 units; U)
Themes, styles, and ideology in cinematic and literary texts. May be retaken w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: CompLit 133(R).
BIO SCI 611 - Economic Problems of Latin America (3 units; U)
Economic characteristics of the principal latin american countries and the leading economic problems which confront them. Prereq: jr st & Econ 104(P).
CHEM 341 - Comparative Education (3 units; U/G)
Survey of foreign school systems with attention to cultural setting and major purposes. Prereq: jr st.
CHEM 342 - Multilevel Approaches to Changing Physical Activity and Eating Behaviors (3 units; U/G)
An introduction to key theoretical and conceptual frameworks for understanding health-related behavior and evidence-based practical approaches for promoting behavior change. Counts as repeat of Kin 590 w/same topic. Prereq: Admis to Kin major or Ath Trng major or Nutr major; Grade C or better in Kin 350(P); or grad st or cons instr.
CHEM 343 - Media Workshop: (3 units; U)
Lab tutorial consisting of intermedia exercises and class projects. Specific credits announced in Schedule of Classes whenever course is offered. May be retaken w/chg in content to 9 cr max. Prereq: none.
CHEM 344 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature and Civilization (3 units; U)
Literature in Spanish America from Modernism to the present. Prereq: jr st; Spanish 350(P).
CHEM 345 - Independent Study: (1-3 units; G)
Supervised study with a member of the graduate faculty. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: grad st; cons instr.
CHEM 501 - Negotiation Skills Workshop (3 units; U)
Simulation-based, interactive workshop on improving student's understanding of the negotiation process; building communicative effectiveness as a negotiator in various business and personal contexts. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of GER English Composition competency req.
CHEM 560 - Introduction to Mass Media (3 units; U)
Overview of mass media from the printing press to the internet. Focus on media technologies, industries, content, and critical approaches. Prereq: none.
CHEM 603 - Client Diversity in Health Sciences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective (3 units; U)
Interdisciplinary instruction on effective service delivery in the health sciences to culturally diverse individuals and families. Emphasis on the complexity of an individual's cultural identity. BMS(C L Sci)/ComSDis/HCA/Kin(HMS)/OccThpy/TherRec 245 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: soph st or cons instr.
CIV ENG 492 - Introduction to the Screenplay (3 units; U)
Approaches to screenwriting from both artistic and professional points of view from the cultivation of an idea to the realization of a scenario. Prereq: none.
ECON 328 - Indians, Artists, and Conquistadores: The U.S. Southwest (3 units; U)
Interaction of diverse Indian, European, and Latino cultures in the U.S. southwest. Prereq: none.
ECON 525 - Clinical Nurse Specialist Practicum III-Maternal/Infant (3 units; G)
Third semester of a 3-semester practicum focused on advanced practice nursing in a Clinical Nurse Specialist role with the maternal/infant population. Prereq: grad st; NURS 815(P)
FRSHWTR 502 - Physical Geography of the City (3 units; U/G)
Spatial aspects and interactions of plants, animals, climate, soils, and water resources relevant to human activities in the urban environment. Prereq: jr st & Geog 120(P) or 125(P); or grad st.
FRSHWTR 504 - Scandinavian Life and Culture (3 units; U)
Social, cultural, and historical development of Scandinavia up to modern times. In English Prereq: none.
GEOG 415 - Web Design (3 units; U)
Introduction to design for the Internet: information architecture, hypertextuality, creative and client-based sites, critical issues of Internet culture; fundamentals of markup languages, CSS, and software. Prereq: admis to Art and Design prog or pre-Inter-Arts/IAT prog, & Art 118(P); or grad st; or cons instr.
GEOG 515 - The Biblical World (3 units; U)
History, literature of ancient Mediterranean world as cultural/religious background for Biblical studies. Egyptian, Canaanitie, Mesopotamian texts for Hebrew Bible/Old Testament; early Jewish and Hellenistic texts for New Testament. Prereq: none.
GEO SCI 400 - First-Year Seminar: (3 units; U)
Specific humanities topics are announced in the Timetable each time the class is offered. Open only to freshmen. Students may earn cr in just one L&S First-Year Sem (course numbers 192, 193, 194). Prereq: none.
GEO SCI 409 - Professional Seminar 2: Classroom Management: Theory, Practice and Context (3 units; U/G)
Addresses the theoretical frameworks, models and goals in classroom management practices in grades 1-8. Prereq: jr st, admis to SOE, CurrIns 556(P) & 307(C); or cons instr.
GEO SCI 463 - History of Race, Science, and Medicine in the United States (3 units; U)
Education and professionalization of minorities in science, medicine, and nursing; minorities as patients and scientific subjects; biographies of minority scientists; scientific theories of racial inferiority. Prereq: none.
GEO SCI 464 - First-Year Seminar: (3 units; U)
Specific social science topics are announced in the Timetable each time the class is offered. Open only to freshmen. Students may earn cr in just one L&S First-Year Sem (course numbers 192, 193, 194). Prereq: none.
GEO SCI 562 - Study Abroad: (1-12 units; U)
Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work. May be retaken w/topic chg. Prereq: acceptance for Study Abroad Prog.
GEO SCI 563 - Climates of the Past and Climate Change (3 units; U/G)
Climatic history of the earth and climate models. Milankovitch theory, quaternary climates, temporal-spatial scales of change, general circulation, and earth system models. Prereq: jr st, Geog 120(P) or Atm Sci 100(P) or 240(P), & Geog 310(R); or grad st.
GEO SCI 697 - Watershed Analysis and Modeling (3 units; U/G)
Theories and applications of analytical and modeling techniques for watershed processes, including geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, and computer simulations. Prereq: jr st; working knowledge of GIS; Geog 415(R) or Geo Sci 463(R) or 562(R); or grad st.