Environmental Analysis Focus

Students who choose the environment analysis focus area learn how to observe, quantify, measure, and report environmental problems. A strong foundation in the fundamentals of physical and organic chemistry will help students apply analytical skills and find solutions.

As environmental chemists or consultants, students often find work in the areas of hazardous waste, air and water quality management, and environmental remediation.

Some focus courses available include:

  • organic chemistry
  • quantitative analysis
  • biochemistry
  • microbiology
  • chemical hydrogeology
  • aquatic microbiology
  • physical chemistry
  • environmental geology

Recommended Focus Courses

ANTHRO 355 - Scope and Methods of Political Science (3 units; G)
Critical examination of the normative and empirical methodologies of political science. Prereq: grad st.
ANTHRO 441 - Alexander Technique for the Performer (2-3 units; U)
Introduction to the principles of Alexander Technique as it applies to performing artists and new media collaborations. Dance Majors and Somatics Minors enroll for 2 cr; all other majors enroll for 3 cr. May be retaken to max of 6 cr. Prereq: none.
ANTHRO 448 - Field Experience in Therapeutic Recreation (2 units; U)
Practical exploration of clinical and community therapeutic recreation settings. Prereq: none.
ARCH 340 - Stage Speech I-A (1 units; U)
Ear training and phonetics. Corrective work on individual regional speech habits.
ATM SCI 100 - Applied Quant Methods for Studying Population Health & Health Disparities (3 units; G)
Using STATA on real data to build regression models, perform diagnostics, and interpret results. Utilize social theory to put results into context. Prereq: grad st; PH 700(P), PH 702(P), PH 704(P), or cons inst.
ATM SCI 240 - Design Survey (3 units; U)
Survey of design disciplines and movements of the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. Slide lectures include industrial design, architecture, graphic design, and design movements. Prereq: none.
ATM SCI 330 - Alternative Community Schools (3 units; U)
This course examines the history and present status of alternative community schools as they exist in Milwaukee and throughout the country.
BIO SCI 383 - History of Christianity, East and West: to 1500 (3 units; U/G)
Development of the institutional church; major church leaders; theological and doctrinal changes; worship, liturgy, and arts of Christendom; Christianity and social change. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of GER English Composition competency req.
BIO SCI 505 - Applied Climatology (3 units; U/G)
Applications of climate processes and data. Solar energy, wind energy, food production, water usage, building design, urban environments, ecological assessment, and land form development. Prereq: jr st, Geog 120(P) or Atm Sci 100(P) or 240(P), & Geog 310(R); or grad st.
CHEM 221 - Senior Seminar in International Studies: (3 units; U/G)
Interdisciplinary seminar with emphasis on functional/regional problems in world affairs. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: declared Intl Stds major or minor, or cons instr or prog coord.
CHEM 341 - Media Writing (3 units; U)
Techniques and strategies for writing that can communicate effectively with media audiences; emphasizes innovation and creativity within the constraints of good grammar and style. Prereq: score of at least 3 on EPT or grade of at least B- in English 101(P) or 102(P).
CHEM 342 - Perspectives on the Urban Scene: (3 units; U)
Topics related to the structure, growth, and change of the urban environment. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: jr st.
CHEM 343 - Literature and Film: (3 units; U)
Themes, styles, and ideology in cinematic and literary texts. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: CompLit 133(R).
CHEM 344 - Theoretical Foundations in Information Studies (3 units; G)
This doctoral seminar introduces students to a range of fundamental theoretical foundations and models relevant to information studies. Prereq: grad st (doctoral st) or cons instr.
CHEM 345 - Critical Issues and Methods in World Language Education (3 units; U/G)
Advanced preparation for teachers of world languages that will equip them for teaching world languages to students from early childhood through adolescence. Prereq: jr st, CurrIns 637(P) or equiv, or cons instr.
CHEM 501 - Current Topics in Curriculum and Instruction: (1-3 units; U/G)
The specific topic will be announced in the Schedule of Classes each time the course is offered. May be retaken with change in topic to max of 9 cr including cr earned under CurrIns 779. Prereq: jr st, cons instr.
CHEM 524 - Spanish Immersion Experience (1 units; U)
Concentrated practice in spoken Spanish with a native speaker in a small-group setting, with a focus on Hispanic culture. Offered in three-day modules. Retakable to 3 cr max. Prereq: Spanish 308(P); Spanish 318 (P) or 319 (P); or cons instr.
CHEM 560 - Seminar in Jewish Studies: (3 units; U)
Seminar on a particular topic in Jewish Studies. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st; a Hebr St or Jewish course; or cons instr.
CHEM 603 - Theory of Interest (4 units; U)
Interest theory: annuities, amortization schedules, portfolio immunization. Financial derivatives: bonds, forwards, options. Topics consistent w/syllabus of SOA Financial Mathematics Exam. Prereq: grade of C or better in Math 232(P).
CIV ENG 492 - Political Data Analysis (3 units; U/G)
Research design, measurement, and techniques of political data analysis. Research methods course. Prereq: jr st; satisfaction of GER Quantitative Literacy Part A req.
ECON 328 - Seminar in History: (3 units; U)
In-depth investigation of a period or theme in history. Emphasis on designing and writing a research paper based on primary and secondary sources. Retakable w/chg in topic with petition to department chair to 6 cr max. Prereq: sr st; satisfaction of GER English Composition & Math Skills competency reqs; Hist 288(P), 291(P), 293(P), 294(P), 594(P), 595(P), or 596(P); declared Hist major or Educ/Soc Studies-Broad Field Hist major.
ECON 525 - Marine Ecology Laboratory (2 units; U/G)
Three-week field trip to a marine station to study seaweeds, benthic invertebrates, and intertidal ecology at student's expense. Prereq: jr st; Bio Sci 553(C) or cons instr.
FRSHWTR 502 - Seminar in Advanced German Translation (3 units; U)
Refinement of translation skills; concentration on specific types of texts. Prereq: jr st; German 425(P).
FRSHWTR 504 - Advanced German Grammar and Usage (3 units; U/G)
Analysis and discussion of a variety of text topics and genres. Practice in speaking and writing German; attention to written accuracy and sophistication of form. Prereq: jr st; German 332(426)(C). Generates L&S credit for demonstrated equivalent preparation (14 retro cr).
GEOG 247 - Introduction to U.S. Latino/a Literature: (3 units; U)
Latino/a American literature with a focus on region, genre, theme, or period. Retakable w/chg in topic to a 9 cr max. English 279 & Latino 279 are jointly offered; they count as repeats of one another. Prereq: grade of C or better in English 102(P) or score at level 4 on EPT.
GEOG 304 - Clinical Skills Development Seminar II (3 units; U)
Refine clinical decision making skills within the nursing process, professional communication, and psychomotor skills necessary for helping clients needing nursing care.
GEOG 306 - The Graeco-Roman World: (3 units; U/G)
Life and literature (in translation) of the ancient Greco-Roman world. Retakable w/chg in topic to 9 cr max. Prereq: jr st; Classic 301(R), 302(R), or 303(R).
GEOG 310 - Aristotle (3 units; U/G)
Intensive study of one or more of Aristotle's major works or of themes and problems in Aristotle's thought. Particular attention to careful analysis of the texts. Prereq: jr st; 3 cr philos; Philos 430(R).
GEOG 350 - Senior Capstone Research Seminar: (3 units; U)
Seminar study of a philosopher, philosophical movement, text, or topic for senior philosophy majors. Research paper and presentation required. Satisfies L&S research req. Retakable w/chg in topic to 6 cr max. Prereq: sr st; declared Philos major; or cons instr.
GEOG 403 - First-Year Seminar: (3 units; U)
The specific topics are announced in the Schedule of Classes each time the class is offered. Open only to freshmen. Students may earn cr in just one L&S First-Year Sem (course numbers 192, 193, 194). Prereq: none.
GEOG 411 - Comparative Education (3 units; U/G)
Survey of foreign school systems with attention to cultural setting and major purposes. Prereq: jr st.
GEOG 424 - Study Abroad: (1-12 units; U)
Designed to enroll students in UWM sponsored program before course work level, content, and credits are determined and/or in specially prepared program course work. Retakable w/chg in topic. Prereq: acceptance for Study Abroad Prog.
GEOG 455 - Professional Leadership for Occupational Therapists (3 units; G)
Critical analysis of trends, practice issues and strategies in the field of occupational therapy. Prereq: grad st in OT program
GEOG 464 - Current Topics in Media Arts Production: (3 units; U)
Lectures, screening, discussions, and workshops in media arts production from the artist's point of view. Development of ideas/proposals for possible production in subsequent film department courses. May be retaken with change in topic to max of 9 cr. Prereq: none.
GEOG 475 - Education Issues in American Indian Communities (3 units; U/G)
Unique political-legal, social-cultural contexts of Native Education, intergovernmental involvement and role in addressing social/cultural and developmental needs of tribal societies. Prereq: jr st or cons instr.
GEOG 515 - Sculpture Workshop: (3 units; U)
A special topic workshop in sculpture. May be retaken w/chg in topic change to 6 cr max. Prereq: admis to Art and Design prog & Art 261(P).
GEOG 520 - The Ethics of Zionism (3 units; U)
The cultural context from which the idea of the return to Zion originated, historical events leading to its political implementation, and ideological problems it poses. In English. Prereq: soph st.
GEOG 525 - Introduction to Financial Statement Preparation and Use (4 units; U)
Introduction to accounting and financial reporting concepts for accounting and finance majors. Emphasizes preparation and analysis of financial statements. Electronic accounting systems and financial information databases. Counts as repeat of Bus Adm 201. Prereq: soph st.
GEOG 547 - Beginning Improvisation I (1 units; U)
Course content according to the student's level based upon principles of chord progression and harmonic motion. Extension and generalization of standard cadential formulas. Chord progressions, chord successions, the use of turnback, cycles, and the common principles of harmonic motion as used in standard song forms. Prereq: none.
GEOG 564 - Nontraditional Manufacturing Processes (3 units; U/G)
Theory and applications of nontraditional manufacturing processes. Study of their principles, equipment, process parameters and capabilities. Prereq: sr st; Ind Eng 350(P) or Matleng 330(P) or cons instr.
GEOG 625 - Applied Team Leadership (3 units; U)
The study and practice of small unit tactics at the team and squad level. Prereq: Mil Sci 310(P) or cons instr.
GEO SCI 400 - Advanced Experimental Design and Analysis (3 units; G)
Advanced topics in the design and statistical analysis of experiments applied to educational research, including n-way analysis of variance and repeated measures analysis of variance. Prereq: grad st; Ed Psy 724(P) or equiv
GEO SCI 464 - Principles of Mineralogy (3 units; U)
Major rock-forming minerals, their associations, geologic occurrence, and importance with an emphasis on identification using physical properties and other techniques. 2 hrs lec, 3 hrs lab. Prereq: Geo Sci 100(P); course in college chem.
GEO SCI 697 - Advanced Physiological Psychology (4 units; U/G)
Advanced topics in physiological psychology. Lec, lab. Required special course fee assessed; announced in Schedule of Classes each sem. Prereq: jr st; Psych 254(P) & 325(P).
MTHSTAT 215 - Health Systems and Population Health (3 units; G)
Using fundamental concepts of health systems design, international comparisons, and case studies, this course demonstrates strategies through which health systems could improve health and reduce inequities by addressing social vulnerabilities. Prereq: grad st
PH 375 - The Role of the Speech-language Pathologist in Literacy (2 units; U/G)
Language theory related to reading and writing disorders. Speech-language pathologist's role in assessment and intervention. Prereq: sr st; cons instr.
SOCIOL 450 - World Movement Traditions: (2-3 units; U)
Dance and movement traditions of world cultures; different cultures each semester. May be retaken to max of 2 sem per topic. Prereq: none.