Student Artists in Residence (SAIR) Program

The SAIR Program is designed to give student artists time and space to become part of a community and engage in art-making. SAIRs are paired with a community-mentor, and together they identify a goal for the year, and then plan and facilitate a series of workshops toward that goal. SAIRs are compensate through either room and board within the community where they are placed (such as a senior living facilities) or they receive a stipend. While the primary community partners are senior living centers, others include Walkers Point Medical Clinic, Interfaith Older Adult Programs, or the Village of Shorewood School District.


What do SAIRs say about being in the program?


“I feel positively about the program in that it’s unlike anything I have ever done/completely unique. It encourages young folks like me to engage with a group of people that I don’t usually interact with that often, and also reflect upon why that is.”


In this program you learn right away how to be a professional, to communicate, and how to organize events… which in art school, you don’t always necessarily learn…


“I have been able to directly apply what I am learning as an art and design student in Peck School into artist workshops and community discussions at St. Johns. I have met so many interesting people, including collaborating with the other student artists.”

Want to learn more about the program? Watch Student Artist in Residence Erin Whitney describe her experience at Chai Point Senior Living Center on Milwaukee’s lower eastside.

We are currently recruiting SAIRs for the 2018-19 school year. To learn more please review the SAIR Program Guidelines which outlines the program requirements, calendar, and expectations. To apply, please fill out the SAIR Application, but note that there are a series of documents that must also be submitted including a cover letter with specific information, a resume, and a letter of support. Details of what to submit are in the SAIR Program Guidelines and listed on the Application. The supplemental materials should be submitted to Kika Meraz ( immediately before you fill out the below form. Further questions can be directed to Kika Meraz at