Community Leaders Internship Program

About the Community Leaders Internship Program (CLIP)

The Community Leaders Internship Program (CLIP) engages work-study eligible students by placing them in community-based work-study jobs at local non-profit agencies and public schools in the Milwaukee metro area. Students work between 6-15 hours per week at their work-study site and earn between $10.00 and $13.00 an hour. Students in the program will also enroll in 1 credit course each semester. The course, complementing the community-based work experience, is aimed at the development of critical thinking surrounding social issues, civic engagement, cultural awareness, and professional skills. Students in CLIP will reflect on their experiences as a group during class time. The goal of the program is not only to provide students with an opportunity to earn their work study award at a non-profit or school, it also seeks to provide a learning experience that develops civic responsibility and prepares students for their future careers.


How to Apply

Interested students must complete an application and a one-page personal statement explaining why they are interested in the program and how it would enhance their college experience. Students must be work-study eligible and should have an interest in working in the Milwaukee community to join CLIP. Questions about this program can be directed to

Fill out the CLIP application here: Student_Application (18)

Selected CLIP Sites and Positions

Students have the option to work at a local non-profit or Milwaukee Public School. Students are placed at sites based on their interest, availability, and skill set.

Milwaukee Public Schools America Reads Tutor

Through the America Reads program CLIP students tutor youth in reading and math at a local Milwaukee Public School (MPS) or private school. Partnering MPS schools include: Maryland Avenue Montessori, Clarke Street, Auer Avenue, La Escuela Fratney, OW Holmes, Hartford University School, Howard Avenue Montessori, and Gaenslen. Positions are also available at St. Anthony’s School.

 Creative Employment Opportunities Job Mentor

Duties include coaching and mentoring youth and adults with developmental disabilities and assisting them to be employed in the community. CLIP participants will work with the individuals, families, support workers, special education program staff, and community organizations with the intent of helping the individual explore their own self-sufficiency.

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium Administrative Assistant

Duties include maintaining databases, managing contracts, helping with event planning schedules, preparing agendas, and other duties as assigned.

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium Assistant to the Web Designer

Duties include maintaining social media accounts and websites, and creating news feeds with area publications.

Milwaukee Environmental Consortium Marketing Assistant

Duties include assisting with social media, capturing and submitting photography and short videos, helping supervisor organize marketing materials, and more.


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Milwaukee Riverkeeper Database Intern

Duties include, updating and maintaining database, creating and disseminating reports, preparing thank you letters to donors and members, and other duties as assigned.

Milwaukee Riverkeeper Social Media Intern

Duties will include maintaining and strengthening social media presence for Milwaukee Riverkeeper.

Broadscope Disability Services  Respite Care Intern

The intern will experience the full workings of a non-profit by participating in the three program department meetings. The student will assist in the Respite Care Department with preparations for R&R Clubs including the program development and instructing, and will also assist with coordinating required trainings for providers. There will be direct family connection through assisting with development of support groups for families and distribution of sporting event tickets.

Friedens Food Pantry Friedens Assistant Site Manager

Assistant Site Mangers will facilitate day to day operations, oversee volunteers, provide job training, pack food and stock shelves as needed, and assist in recruitment and scheduling.

 Friedens Food Pantry Friedens Assistant Food Manager

CLIP students will be responsible for maintaining great relationships with donors and expanding the donor network, pick-up and drop-off of goods, keeping inventory, provide on the job training, and overseeing volunteers as needed.

Ovation Communities Office Assistant

CLIP students will perform administrative duties such as processing new volunteers, planning events, and communicating with and mentoring volunteers.

PeppNation Youth Development Mentor

Through the lens of sports, serve as a mentor and coach to young people.

Resources for current CLIP students:

 CLIP Community Learning Agreement & Contract

 Biweekly timecard Spring ’17

 CLIP Student Self Appraisal

Resources for current and perspective CLIP community partners:

CLIP Protocol and Contact Form

Financial Contract

CLIP Position Description Form

Performance Appraisal Form