“We sometimes forget that the LGBT community has its own rich history and a story that crosses international lines. The chance to study abroad enhances their own history and culture and helps LGBT students see their place in the world and claim a deeper sense of pride in themselves,” -AJ Jones, University of Louisville LGBT Center Program Coordinator.

This portion of the website is to support LGBT+ students and allies. We hope to offer helpful resources, links and information to enrich your journey of study abroad.

Be Aware of your Host Country’s:

  • Laws regarding sexuality and gender identity
  • Social attitude towards LGBT community
  • Current news of LGBT+ events
  • How will this affect you?
    • Things to consider:
      • Program Location
      • Host country culture and religion
      • Short-term programs vs. Long-term programs

Some helpful links that may help shape your decision in study abroad location and programs:

Make plans before going overseas

  •  Will you be out to your host family? group? friends?
  • If you experience any harassment, what safe, legal steps would you want to be taken?
  • Keep an open line of communication between trip leaders and other students traveling abroad.

Going Back in the Closet After Being Out

  • There is a possibility that in some cases, you may consider going back in the closet for your study abroad duration
  • Certain areas are really not safe for LGBT+ people
  • Consider the personal effects of hiding your sexuality and/or conforming to acceptable gender presentations

Ally Advice

  • Be an open, positive, and responsible ally
  • Never “out” an LGBT+ student
  • Respect an LGBT+ student’s decisions
  • Provide news of current LGBT+ trends abroad
  • Share resources
  • Encourage personal research

Support Networks

  • Locate any LGBT+ supportive communities in the area in which you will be staying
  • LGBT publications, advocacy organizations, or LGBT-friendly establishments
  • Check out your host campus’ resources

Resources addressing LGBT+ and traveling abroad

Important Contacts

Before, during and after your program : You are first and foremost a UWM student and are always welcome to contact the UWM LGBT Resource Center!

LGBT Resource Center Contact Information:
General Email: peerout@uwm.edu
Director Email: jrmurray@uwm.edu
Office Phone: 414-229-4116

Benefits of studying abroad are far and great

  • Your sexual orientation, gender identity, and personal presentation are just a single part of you!
  • No matter where you go, you will bring back great experiences!