Going Abroad


Congratulations! You have been accepted to a program and will be studying abroad soon. Time will fly so it’s important to be as prepared as possible before you depart on this adventure of a lifetime.

It may seem overwhelming now, but remember you can always stop by the CIE office to ask a question of our expert peer advisors. If you have lots of questions, be sure to make an appointment with your study abroad coordinator. In the meantime, here is a checklist of things you should do before you head overseas.


Be sure to check your myPantherAbroad application for your Site-Specific Orientation

If you have more questions about finances, air travel, scholarships and more click on the image below for CIE’s info sessions below.


General Orientation
The general orientation features information that may be useful to UWM students while abroad. In the powerpoint below there is information on resources such as financial aid, Norris Health Center, the Women’s Resource Center, and more.

Additionally, in the Student Handbook, there are more in-depth details about UWM’s academic policies, health warnings, travel resources, emergency preparedness, culture shock, packing tips and more.

Once accepted to your program, you will partake in an online orientation which includes an assessment. For further information and to conduct your General Orientation Online Quiz please refer to the following:

General Orientation PowerPoint

General Orientation Student Handbook

Cell phone Tips

  • Phone calls to and from overseas are expensive, check with your cell phone provider about international plans.
  • Purchasing an unlocked cell phone allows you to use an international SIM card while abroad.
  • Google Hangout, WhatsApp, LINE, Snapchat, SNOW, Skype are free apps to put on your smartphone or computer.
  • Research your country’s phone code and share it with family so they can call you in an event of an emergency.
  • Share your contact information with family, friends, and CIE.