How to Choose a Program



Most programs will have the following application deadlines; however, check our deadlines page for a list of exceptions.

Spring & UWinterIM semester: October 1

Academic Year. Fall & Summer: March 1


Steps to Apply

Please note: Our application system does not work in Internet Explorer; try using Firefox or Chrome.

  1. Locate your program of interest in our Program Search.
  2. Click on the name of the program.
  3. Click on the “Apply Now” button and follow the instructions to create your application.

*You may log in and out of your online application as needed before the application deadline.

Already started an application? Click the appropriate link below to access your application.

Types of Programs

Faculty-led Programs

For this type of program, you travel abroad with a UWM faculty member who teaches a course in a particular subject area. On most faculty-led programs, you will be with the same group of students all of the time and much of the planning of events will be decided by the professor. This makes faculty led programs a good choice for students who may be apprehensive of going abroad for the first time.

Exchange Programs

UWM has entered into agreements with universities all over the world where we exchange students with one another. On an exchange program students attend a foreign university and choose and attend classes just as they would at UWM.The chief difference is that instead of paying tuition to the foreign institution, the student pays tuition to UWM.

Study Abroad Programs

UWM has entered into agreements with several study abroad providers for a semester or a year. These providers serve as an in-country resource. The main difference between these programs and exchange programs is that you pay a comprehensive program fee in lieu of tuition.

Special Program Applications

Application Materials

The online application will have four main categories:

  1. Recommendations – You will request electronic recommendations (e.g., Academic Recommendation or Academic Advisor Conference Sheet) by entering the person’s name and email into the online request form.
  2. Signature Documents – These are forms you will read and e-sign online.
  3. Material Submissions – You will submit hard copies of these forms directly to the CIE Study Abroad Office (e.g., an official transcript). You can bring these in person to the office or send it via mail.
    • Note: The $100 application fee may be paid via credit card online or submitted in person via check or money order.
  4. Application Questionnaires – These are online, fillable forms.

Please note: UWM-affiliated program providers require a separate application in addition to the one required by the UWM CIE Study Abroad Office. More information about these requirements will be provided during the application process.