Global Studies Fellows

2015-2016 Global Studies Fellows

2015-16 Global Studies Fellows (Left to right): James Wasley, Oriol Mirosa, Lane Hall, Patrice Petro, Jenny Kehl, and Michael Nosonovsky.

CIE’s Global Studies Fellows receive one course reduction per semester in order to advance their research on topics relating to globalization and its cultural, political, social, economic, and environmental dimensions. High quality research proposals on interdisciplinary globalization themes are eligible for funding, and strong preference is given to applicants focusing on topics related to CIE’s annual conference theme. Building on fifteen successive annual international conferences at the Center devoted to exploring new approaches to international studies and globalization, CIE has selected Diversities as its theme for the 2016/17 academic year.

The 2016/17 Global Studies Fellows will be presenting at two colloquia this fall semester – on Thursday, November 17 and Thursday, December 15, 11:00 am – 12:30 pm. More details are here.

The Global Studies Fellows’ research theme for 2017/18 is Crisis of the Middle Ground. Potential applicants can find information on this theme in the Request for Proposals, and should also reference the Fellows Application. The proposal deadline is Wednesday, February 1, 2017.

Global Studies Fellows 2016/17

Global Studies Fellows 2015/16

Global Studies Fellows 2014/15

Global Studies Fellows 2013/14

Global Studies Fellows 2012/13

  • Sandra Braman (Communication and Global Studies)
  • Winson Chu (History)
  • Sarah Davies Cordova (French)
  • Oriol Mirosa (Global Studies and Sociology)
  • Jeffrey Sommers (Africology and Global Studies)

Global Studies Fellows 2011/12

Global Studies Fellows 2010/11