Alumni Stories: Kari Davidson (Global Studies-Management Graduate 2014)

The Global Management degree at UW-Milwaukee has enabled me to create a step by step path into a career in international business. The coursework provides a deep understanding of business on a global scale and taught me to critically analyze the implications of globalization. I was able to apply my academics as I began to explore the world of international business and appreciate the art of crossing cultures.

The first step was a study abroad program at the Bader International Study Center in East Sussex, United Kingdom where I took upper level business courses with other international students. This experience was a full immersion program, complete with field studies and research.   I was able to begin cultivating my understanding the real world of global business. The second step was my overseas internship in international medical device sales in Dublin, Ireland with Meditec Medical which has operations in the UK, EU, and US. Through this internship I learned more about international sales and marketing, market research, and the effective implementation of CRM when the sales operations have expanded beyond the company’s current sales technology.

After graduation I taught English in Seoul, South Korea for five months before being recruited via LinkedIn for a position as Regional Sales and Recruitment Manager of North and Central East Asia with Cambridge Education Group, based in the UK.  This professional position is rewarding personally as I recruit students from South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China for the leading U.S. University Pathway Provider, matching international students with US colleges and universities. My role is exciting and dynamic as I am responsible for the development, implementation, and measurement of the regional and local sales strategies, managing an agent network of 550+ agents, and in some markets leading effective teams while in others being fully responsible for all market activities.

The requirements for the Global Management degree naturally created a pathway towards my current career and provided experiences and education which made me marketable to employers. Thanks to the Global Studies degree program at UW – Milwaukee, I was able to fulfill my goal of attaining a career in international business.