Alumni Stories: Darius Alemzadeh (Global Studies-Security 2009)

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Since graduating from UWM in 2009 with a degree in Global Studies I’ve worked across 4 continents on protection and disaster risk reduction in the humanitarian sector. Currently, I am consulting for the Jordan Red Crescent and Save the Children – Jordan as part of their response to the Syria Crisis, but I owe much of my success, past to present, to my time at UWM. I was a student in the early days of the Global Studies program and luckily the Security track had been created.  I had known as a freshman that I wanted to dedicate myself to children’s rights, and the Global Studies – Security track seemed like a perfect fit.

It was an eventful period in my life. I met one of my best friends – 10+ years – in the program. I received mentorship and support from an amazing staff, inside and outside of the classroom. We were a small group, so friendships and study alliances were quickly and easily formed. I started working in the field before I even finished my studies, and found good fortune in an amazing support network amongst classmates and professors as I juggled intersecting priorities and responsibilities.

It was great practice for graduate school, Hurricane Sandy, being chased by machete-wielding fishermen, busting through crippling corruption in India, navigating clunky bureaucracy in New York City, and responding to a coup d’etat in Guinea. The humanitarian sector is open to all who wish to be working to protect the rights of others, but without the necessary skills and training I received during my time at UWM I would not be where I am today. And to think, it all started because I walked into Garland Hall and became part of Global Studies at UWM!



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By submitting photos, you grant permission to the Center for International Education to use your photographs in print, web, and social media for promotional and outreach purposes.

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Students from WI High School Model United Nations Featured on MPTV

CIE’s Institute of World Affairs collaborated with Delta Sigma Theta sorority in developing and training a new Model U.N. Club at Milwaukee School of Languages (MSL) in preparation for UWM’s annual Wisconsin High School Model United Nations conference this past March.  The students from MSL and their experience were recently featured on Milwaukee Public Television’s Black Nouveau in a story by Liddie Collins.

Alumni Stories: Austin Krogh (Global Studies-Communications 2013)


When I reflect back on my time spent as a student of UW-Milwaukee, I feel incredibly grateful. The Global Studies degree program provided me with a solid base of both knowledge and experience that I carry with me as a toolkit both at work and in my personal life. In that toolkit lies an array of global perspectives and cultural lessons that give me the power to do my best to make a difference through my work.

I am currently a Global Public Affairs Specialist at Johnson Controls and support the Corporate Social Responsibility team on various global community engagement programs, company campaigns, diversity and inclusion initiatives as well as internal and external content production and messaging within the public affairs space. My team oversees the company’s public relations efforts across 120 countries, so each and every day presents its own set of unique and challenging opportunities to support the business.

It seems like almost on a daily basis I will be in a meeting having a conversation on a global issue and my mind automatically digs back into that global toolkit I obtained at UW-Milwaukee, which helps me provide more meaningful perspective to team meetings and projects.

Perhaps the most influential experience I received through UW-Milwaukee was my 12-month study abroad in Goiânia, Brazil. During my time there, I had the opportunity to do an intense two-semester Spanish and Portuguese language emersion program. I also studied sociolinguistics and economics. Being required to study abroad by the Global Studies program forced me to go out of my comfort zone and push myself to master a new language and culture. I also completed a 6-month graphic design internship at a local communications company – talk about experience!

After I returned from my study abroad and internship and Brazil, so many opportunities opened up all around me. Having that international experience behind me proved invaluable to every company that I interviewed with in my search for an internship. Ultimately, I ended up interning at Johnson Controls during my junior and senior years.

I selected Global Studies because I knew had a passion for better understanding the intricacies of our planet and how humans have shaped and continue shape society as we know it. This program helped me accomplish that in a very unique and challenging way.

International Student Recruitment in Ghana


Greetings! I’m Jennifer Gruenewald, Director of International Student & Scholar Services, at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM), and I would like to invite you to meet with me when I speak with prospective international students in Ghana at the U.S. Higher Education Fair for Students at the Labadi Beach Hotel on March 16, 2016 from 4:00-7:00pm (16:00 to 19:00). UWM is a large, urban U.S. research university that offers 93 undergraduate (bachelor’s) degree programs and 93 graduate (59 master’s and 34 doctoral) degree programs among its campus of 14 schools and colleges. More than 1,700 international students call UWM home!

You can learn more about UWM at our homepage at If you have further interest in UWM, I hope to speak with you in Ghana! However, if you aren’t able to meet with me then but you’d like to receive more information about our academic degree programs, please fill out our questionnaire.

Warm regards,

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Alumni Stories: Sameera Hassan (International Studies ’13)


My academic career at UWM began on a pre-pharmacy track, and like many unsure freshman, I quickly found myself saying thinks like, “if I weren’t pursuing pharmacy, I’d study international relations.” My sophomore year I took the plunge and declared a major in International Politics and World Affairs. Today, I cannot imagine having pursued anything else.

My time as an IS student exposed me to incredible experiences and limitless opportunities. From spending a summer exploring London to gain foreign service work experience as a US State Department intern, to learning the history and culture of the Kumasi tribe during a UWM study abroad trip to Ghana, life as an IS student truly transformed the way I view the world. To make it better, the availability of scholarships and workshops lead by dedicated CIE staff to assist students in applying for funding made such experiences accessible to anyone.

As a current United States Peace Corps Volunteer in the Public Health Sector, I live and work in a rural community in Belize, Central America. As my two-year commitment to the program comes to a close, I plan to pursue graduate studies in Public Health with a focus on Global Health in developing countries.  As I stay true to my dedication to cultural immersion and exchange, I’ll always be thankful for my time at UWM as an IS student for helping to shape that very dedication.