RETURN OR STAY? South Korean Female Scholars’ Experiences in Home and Host Countries

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A talk by Assistant Professor of Geography Hyejin Yoon of UW-Milwaukee

February 26, 2016

11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Garland Hall 104

Young Korean women increasingly study abroad to overcome gendered disadvantages in their home country or to find more satisfying lifestyles in another country. Through a series of interviews, this study considers the experiences of South Korean women in social science fields who received their doctoral degrees in the US. The study investigates how women have adapted to differences between home and host countries, and seeks to determine if prestigious US degrees help South Korean women overcome disadvantages in their home country.

Fellows on Flint: Water-Centric Cities – Colloquium on February 4th, 6 pm

Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade

Photo credit: Overpass Light Brigade

Global Studies Research Fellows Colloquium
Thursday, February 4th
6:00-7:00 pm
Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex, Room 1150
(Maryland Ave. & Kenwood Blvd.)
Free and open to the public

The ongoing water crisis in Flint, Michigan has prompted emergency response at city, state, and federal levels, as well as heated debate here in Wisconsin and nationally. Official inquiry is underway into the political, economic, and technological causes as well as consequences of the mass pollution of Flint’s drinking water. Here at UWM, this year’s team of Global Studies Research Fellows sponsored by the Center for International Education (CIE) were chosen for their expertise in the politics of water accessibility, activism and the protection of water resources, and the science of water infrastructure. Join us on Thursday, February 4th at 6:00 pm for a special colloquium on this urgent and still-developing crisis, where our Global Studies Research Fellows will expand the dialogue beyond Facebook and Twitter, and into a public forum, for the benefit of our own water-centric city.

Marketing Internship Opportunity in Barcelona with trip4real

Barcelona based travel-startup, trip4real, is on the hunt for a savvy international intern. Founded in 2013, trip4real is a community marketplace where travelers can book tailor-made experiences created and led by locals. Our platform makes it possible for people from all over the world to connect over common interests and shared travel experiences. In two years we’ve expanded to Amsterdam, London, Lisbon and Rome. We have our eyes set on Berlin and Istanbul next and we’re looking for a passionate wanderlust and PR enthusiast to help us spread the word and grow internationally. This is a great chance to gain start-up experience in a fast-paced, multicultural environment. Our community is 40,000 strong and growing. We’d love for you to join us!

Our motto: You only truly know a place when you know its people.

The team: We work out of a large co-working office in the Gracia neighborhood. We’re an international team of 12. Check us out here.

Trip4real mission: Make it possible for travelers to experience a city like a local, and empower locals to make money doing what they love as guides.

Your role:

  • International media relations and story pitching
  • Social media and influencer campaigns
  • Content creation and blog writing
  • Talk about trip4real at meet-up events and intl. events in Barcelona
  • Review trip4real activities, take pictures and write about them for the blog
  • Find new locals to join the website in our new markets
  • Research potential brand and university partners in the States and internationally

Perks: College credit, start-up experience and a trip4real activity stipend to use in sunny Barcelona.

In the news: The Guardian, NY Times, National Geographic, Buzz Feed, Forbes

Interested applicants should write to Natalie answering the following questions:

What inspires you to travel and work abroad?

What about trip4real catches your attention?

If you were a city which city would you be?

Which trip4real activity do you want to try first?

Natalie is the Director of Brand for trip4real and a UWM Global Studies alum.

+34 633. 291.503

Alumni Stories: Keji Kujjo (International Studies ’15)


I chose UWM because of the campus diversity and abundance of opportunities available. For example, funding opportunities, internships on campus and in the city, diversity in course options and a lot of research opportunities. I added International Studies (IS) as a double major my sophomore year of college because I realized that I’m really interested in working with international NGOs that focus on women’s issues and this program would offer me the foundation that I need to prepare for that goal. I wanted to familiarize myself with different global issues but I didn’t want a program that was solely focused on politics and so I really liked having the cultural aspect of the IS program.

My last year in the IS program I had the opportunity to intern with the CIE office and it was a great experience because I got to use some of those skills at another internship that I had after graduation. I remember when my internship supervisor said we needed some surveys for our youth job orientation and within a few minutes I had about 200 surveys ready because I had prepared a Qualtrics survey for a CIE event during my internship.

Currently, I’m a graduate student at Bowling Green State University. I’m pursuing my master’s in Cross-Cultural & International Education with a focus on educational development and marginalized populations. I’m also the graduate assistant for the Women’s Center which I really love because I now have the opportunity to be involved with programming and serving women.

I’m very happy with my experience at UWM. I remember when I first started my graduate assistantship I reached out to Dina from the Institute of World Affairs (IWA), a branch of CIE, to get some help with human trafficking event ideas and it was amazing to me that even though I’m not at UWM anymore I can still reach out to the IWA or CIE and people are happy to help. It’s definitely a supportive community that I miss and I’m happy to have been a part of it. I’m always going to be interested in development work and serving marginalized populations–it’s my passion–and I’ll always remember the International Studies program as the foundation of my international education career.

Local Youth Explore Global Issues of Xenophobia and Extremism

IWA Cross the Line Actvy

On October 23rd, IWA partnered with Serve 2 Unite and the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Center for European Studies on a workshop for grades 7-9 on the theme of xenophobia and extremism.  The workshop was designed to bring students together from diverse backgrounds to explore how these complex global issues are currently playing out in Europe and in our local lives and communities.  Approximately 100 middle and high school students participated in the workshop from Kettle Moraine Global, Milwaukee Math and Science Academy, Milwaukee School of Languages, and Westside Academy II.

Through the activities, students discovered the common experiences and emotions they share with one another and with individuals and families around the world.  Break-out sessions examined the role of language in dehumanizing individuals and groups and the challenge in shifting the mindset of individuals who may have been drawn into xenophobic or extremist movements.

Through a media literacy activity exploring the current refugee crisis in Europe and an art project to express solidarity with local immigrant-owned businesses impacted by xenophobia, students also explored the role individuals can play to overcome divisions and understand one another.

As part of the workshop, students had the opportunity to participate in a Skype session with London-based Yasmin Mulbocus, a former member of the radical Islamist group Al Muhajiroun.   For over ten years, Yasmin has been active in interfaith dialogues and initiatives to counter extremism. She described the childhood experiences that led her to join an extremist organization and the ways she has rebuilt her life since breaking ties with the group.

IWA Skype Yasmin

Here are some of the comments students shared in their final written reflections:

“We are all equal and no one is alone.”

“I learned that people fear but the courage to persevere is more powerful no matter how bad of a place you are in.”

“I learned that life can be tough but there might be a gateway to having a better life and achieve things you want to do.”

“I think this will make me a better person and it’ll help me understand things better in the world. “

“I never thought that people would understand the struggle that happens in the world.  I thought the people really didn’t care about the world.”

“I learned about things I never knew about and I also got much much more inspired to spread happiness and positivity.”

“Today I learned I can make a difference in this world.”

The workshop is part of IWA’s growing global education programming for local youth.  Stay tuned for a number of exciting youth programs coming up in 2016!!

This workshop was made possible through a Title VI National Resource Center grant from the U.S. Department of Education and through support from Arts @ Large.

Faculty/Academic Staff Travel Awards to Support Overseas Field Research Experiences for Undergraduates

research students in Kenya building mud oven

The Center for International Education (CIE) and the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) plan to award travel funding to faculty and academic staff to support overseas field research experiences for undergraduates in Spring or Summer 2016.

These awards are intended to help defray the costs associated with students traveling abroad to participate in faculty research. The committee has strongly favored applications that have focused most (or all) of the budget on the needs of the students, but the awards can also be used to fund faculty and academic staff travel. All travel expenses must be in accordance with UWM and UW System travel policies. Allowable travel costs include: transportation, lodging and per diem expenses. Awards may not be used to pay for faculty salary and benefits. Other anticipated research costs may be considered by the selection committee and should be listed and explained in the proposal budget; please note, however, that the primary purpose of these funds is to support travel rather than faculty members’ research expenses.

Overseas field research experiences are intended to advance students’ understanding of both the world beyond U.S. borders and how research is conceptualized and conducted. Applicants for these awards should:

  • Demonstrate existing relationships to support the current research;
  • Identify the anticipated research question(s) that students will address;
  • Describe preparation for the students, to include training in research methods, intercultural competency, and foreign language (if applicable);
  • Be able to sustain the research experience without the expectation of future funding (applicants should not expect ongoing funding through this initiative);
  • Explain anticipated outcomes of the research, along with a plan for dissemination; and
  • Consider the potential for collaborating with UWM colleagues to develop a shared overseas research site to host repeat visits.

Full details including application guidelines can be found in the Call for Applications. The deadline for submitting applications is Friday, January 29, 2016.

Request for Proposals: Global Studies Research Fellows

The Center for International Education seeks applications from UWM faculty who will serve as Global Studies Research Fellows for the Academic Year 2016/17.

Global Studies Research Fellows will receive one course reduction per semester in order to advance their research on topics relating to globalization, its cultural, political, social, economic, and environmental dimensions. High quality research proposals on interdisciplinary globalization themes are eligible for funding; however, strong preference will be given to applicants focusing on topics related to the Center’s 2017 annual conference theme: Diversities.

Diversity is not only an ideal; it is a permanent feature of the global age. It characterizes most contemporary human experience and society, with profound social, cultural, political, economic, linguistic, legal, commercial, and artistic implications. Our diverse world finds itself disrupted by violence, yet violence inherent in dreams of purity ends up only accelerating the dispersion of lives, perspectives, experiences, and representations. The Center for International Education calls for proposals for its Global Studies Fellows program on themes including but not limited to: alternative forms of social integration conducive to diverse lives; diverse identity formations and struggles for autonomy; emergent demographic and social patterns around the world; the dynamic interplay of multiple-origin, transnationally connected, socially, economically and legally differentiated immigrants; emergent forms of non-exclusive citizenships; exiled and displaced lives; accelerated human movement, from refugees, professionals, farm workers, asylum seekers to diasporas of various kinds; nativism and its consequences; and the use of the universal language of human rights to fight for particular diversities.

Faculty of all ranks are invited to submit their 3-5 page proposals describing their specific research plans for the funding period (Fall 2016-Spring 2017). Successful applicants are expected to meet monthly, discuss their research findings and collaborate with other fellows at two colloquia per semester, and to present their research at a CIE-sponsored symposium or conference in Spring 2017. Scholars will not be “in residence” within the Center but, instead, will be offered opportunities for collaboration, research support, and publication. The Fellow’s school/college or department will receive $7000 to defray expenses resulting from the Fellow’s associated course load reduction.

If you are interested in applying, please reference the Request for Proposals and application form for full information.

Funding Opportunities for UWM Foreign Language Instruction and Sociocultural Programming

The Center for International Education (CIE) and the Language Resource Center invite faculty and lecturers from UWM language programs to apply for funding to support professional development activities, course development, and sociocultural programming.

CIE has received funding under the U.S. Department of Education’s Title VI National Resource Centers program to support the efforts of strengthening K-16 global education and expanding national capacity in less commonly taught languages (LCTL). Linked below are three separate applications:

  1. Less Commonly Taught Languages/Foreign Languages Across the Curriculum Course Development Funding – Deadline November 30, 2015
  2. Professional Development Travel Funding for UWM Faculty and Lecturers in Less Commonly Taught Languages – First round deadline October 12, 2015; second round November 30, 2015; third round February 1, 2016 (Please also reference the list of suggested language conferences and workshops.)
  3. Funding for Sociocultural Programs in the Languages – First round deadline October 12, 2015; second round November 30, 2015; third round February 1, 2016

Summer 2016 Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs

The following is a tentative list of Summer 2016 faculty-led study abroad programs:

  • Asia – Lubar School of Business
  • Geography – College of Letters and Science
  • France – College of Letters and Science
  • France – School of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • France – Lubar School of Business
  • Germany – Lubar School of Business – EY Graduate Accounting
  • Ireland – Celtic Studies – College of Letters and Science
  • Italy – American Sign Language – Exceptional Education
  • Italy – Peck School of the Arts
  • Japan – Foreign Languages and Literature – College of Letters and Science
  • Japan – School of Architecture and Urban Planning
  • Morocco – Linguistics – College of Letters and Science
  • Poland – Foreign Languages & Literature – College of Letters and Science
  • Scotland – School of Information Studies – Archives
  • South Africa – Anthropology – College of Letters and Science
  • Spain – College of Letters and Science
  • Sweden – Foreign Languages and Literature – College of Letters and Science
  • Taiwan – College of Engineering and Applied Science
  • United Kingdom – Peck School of the Arts
  • United Nations – Political Science – College of Letters and Science

Watch for more information coming soon!