Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program

The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry started the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Program in 2008. This program allows undergraduate students to start their research careers in the diverse laboratories of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department a UWM. The department’s range of science includes analytical chemistry, biochemistry, chemical education, drug discovery, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. In contrast to the regular SURF program, this program is offered in the summer only.

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Students have the opportunity to get in depth experience of conducting research with the opportunity to present your work publicly during a
poster session at the end of the summer semester. This is a great way to start your academic career in science.



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In general, you will quickly become a part of the research group and frequent meetings between the student and advisor enable high quality mentoring and learning. The interactions with graduate students will give you the chance to learn more about higher degrees (MS and PhD) and about their requirements.

In summary, the summer undergraduate program is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate students to experience scientific research in a professional setting and gather information to facilitate future career decisions. Stipends up to $2000 are available through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

If you are interested in this program and you would like to conduct research during the summer than contact one of our Professors who is conducting the kind of research you are interested in. For any question you can contact Prof. Arnold:

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