UWM enrolls, retains, and graduates students at all degree levels, from undergraduate to doctoral, who leave UWM with the benefits of a quality education and preparation for their futures.

At UWM, students experience engagement in high-quality programs, diverse international perspectives and expanded innovative/entrepreneurial/research experiences while benefiting from support that leads to retention, graduation, post-graduation employment and career success.

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Chancellor’s Enrollment Management Action Team

The Chancellor’s Enrollment Management Action Team (CEMAT), formed in August 2014, is a small, streamlined group that is sponsored by Chancellor Mark Mone to operate with focus and direction to coordinate and implement necessary activities for effective enrollment management practices at UWM. The team members serve as the “owners” of enrollment management efforts at UWM, and focus on a variety of strategic efforts that include recruiting, retaining and graduating students, as well as providing support and services that promote student success.

Chancellor’s Committee for Hispanic Serving Initiatives

This group will lead the efforts for UW-Milwaukee to become a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), a federal designation granted to U.S. institutions of higher education that enroll at least a 25% Latino undergraduate population, as provided for in federal statute, 20 U.S.C. §1101a(5).  It is important to note that HSI is the only federal designation of its type, and that UWM’s efforts in this regard will enhance all multicultural student groups, and in turn, all of UWM.

This effort is being undertaken, among other reasons, to address the demographic trend in the next ten years in Wisconsin that Hispanic students will be the largest growing group of students who plan to attend college, the fact that Wisconsin does not currently have any HSIs, and that there are very few in the Midwest.

The CCHSI will coordinate and implement necessary activities, and serve as the key campus group of ownership, for making progress toward and achieving HSI status. Through this designation UWM will be eligible for funding that will provide significant benefits to all students, faculty and staff, including grant monies for activities that will support student recruitment and retention, faculty development, community outreach, and student support services.  HSI designation will also benefit the Milwaukee community by educating an increasingly diverse population, producing UWM graduates who understand their local community, and providing a pipeline of employees for our region.

Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Veterans (coming soon)

More veterans attend UWM than any other four-year school in the six-state region

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Whether you’re at UWM to build a GPA that gets you into graduate school or a resume that lands you at one of our neighboring Fortune 500 companies, you’re in a place that will lead you to a very bright future. Oh, and you’ll have a lot of fun along the way. Welcome!