Chancellor’s Update: In Support of UWM’s Transgender Community

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Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

UW-Milwaukee has a long history of support and advocacy for all our diverse student, employee, and community populations. We are a top 30 LGBT+ campus, with the highest percentage of first generation students, students of color, and military veteran students of any campus in Wisconsin. That diversity is one of our great strengths and I am committed to this as a core personal and institutional value. 

In light of the recent repeal of federal guidance regarding the rights of transgender students, I want to reaffirm our institutional commitment to being a welcoming place for LGBT+ students, faculty and staff and their allies. I also want to assure you that our unwavering commitment to inclusiveness and diversity will not change, and does not need to change, because of this repeal.  

We will continue to support transgender students, faculty and staff and their personal choice to use restrooms that align with their gender identities. Gender inclusive restrooms already exist across campus, and UWM is committed to adding more facilities over time under the Inclusive Facilities Policy. Additionally, the Klotsche Center has gender inclusive locker rooms, and sex-specific locker rooms may be used based on gender identity. The Klotsche Center also installed several private showers and private changing areas in the men’s and women’s locker rooms to provide additional privacy for all users.  

UWM has several campus resources for students, faculty and staff in need of information and support, including:

We will continue to monitor developments in Washington and here in Wisconsin and will keep you updated on changes impacting members of our transgender community. UWM is a campus that cares for and embraces all in our community.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee