Brightspace (D2L) 10.6 Upgrade Resources

About the D2L@UWM 10.6 Upgrade

All UW System campuses will be upgrading to version 10.6.0 of the Brightspace (Desire2Learn) Learning Environment platform, from the current version 10.3. This upgrade is significant because it brings the UW System to the latest version of the Brighspace platform. A number of fixes, improvements and several new tools will become available either on the date, or during the coming academic year.


When Is The Upgrade Scheduled?

The upgrade is scheduled for the following times:

  • June 1, 2016 from 10:00 pm to
  • June 2, 2016, 10:00 am US Central Time.

Due to a number of factors, UW-Milwaukee’s upgrade schedule is different from the rest of the UW System. Please consider this if you take classes at multiple UW campuses, or participate in cross-campus programs.

This upgrade is scheduled during the start of Summer 2016 classes. The following sessions will be affected:

  • First 3-week early sessions,
  • First 4-week early sessions,
  • First 6-week sessions,
  • Twelve-week sessions.

Upgrade Changes

Upgrade Changes

Review the complete instructor upgrade notesReview the complete student upgrade notes

  • Integration of OneDrive with D2L. (This is currently planned for testing and general availability for Fall 2016.) Import files from OneDrive to Content, and the Dropbox.
  • Access Outlook email from D2L. (This is currently planned for testing and general availability for Fall 2016.)
  • The new My Awards tool which enables instructors, departments/schools and administrative units to generate certificates and badges for completion of learning objectives and activities. (This is currently planned for general availability for Fall 2016.)
  • Support for the NOT operator in Release Conditions.  Examples of what this enables include:
    • Intelligent Agents can send emails based on not completing an activity.
    • News can be displayed based on not obtaining a certain grade, reading a certain topic.
    • Hide a quiz until a Content topic is visited or a Dropbox is submitted and graded.
  • Support for fonts that aid people with Dyslexia and various improvements for people who rely on assistive technologies to use D2L.
  • A wide array of minor but notable usability improvements across the system, such as updated icons, color, look-and-feel changes and design choices. This work is part of a move towards a responsive design, which makes Brightspace work better on a wide array of computers and mobile devices.

Documentation in the UWM Knowledgebase and CETL Help Blog/KB for students and instructors will be updated through the Summer, and into the Fall.

Help & Questions

Who Do I Speak to For Help, Questions or Concerns?

Students should contact the UWM Help Desk by calling 414.229.4040 for questions, or visit the Help Desk website.

Instructors and administrators should contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning by phone at 414.229.4319. Instructors can also send an email to