Active Learning Classroom Initiative

  • Northwest Quadrant Room 1961

Active learning classrooms are intended to maximize the quality of learning experiences by providing classrooms that are designed to stimulate and sustain active and engaged learning.


These rooms are designed to stimulate student interaction and active learning that fosters increased engagement, peer relationships, retention, processing of information and student achievement.

ALCs are uniquely constructed as open structures with mobile chairs and tables arranged for learning in small groups of varying sizes. Extensive media infrastructure, and flexible furniture, projectors, instructor consoles, and layouts allow small group access to shared table space, computer monitors, whiteboards, and the ability to display information across individual or multiple monitors and screens. All of these design features built into the rooms increase student engagement through interactive, collaborative learning with peers and intensive use of small group pedagogy.

Instructional/Technology Development Options



UWM’s active learning classrooms are located in the Northwest Quadrant (NWQ) and the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KIRC).

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Rooms and Locations
Location Room Capacity

NWQ 1871


NWQ 1921


NWQ 1935


NWQ 1961


NWQ 1975

KEN 1500 72


Spring 2016

The Spring 2016 application deadline was September 15, 2015.

Fall 2016

Applications for Fall 2016 are due December 15, 2015. Apply for a ALC room online.

Summer and Winterim ALC Course Scheduling

To request an ALC room for Summer, please e-mail and indicate the course and section number of the class, and your building/room preference if there is a specific ALC you are interested in.

Changes in Applying for Select ALCs

Requests for select Active Learning Classrooms now work differently. To teach in Kenwood 1150 or the Northwest Quad Active Learning Classrooms in Spring 2017 simply inform your department schedule builder so he or she can indicate your request in PAWS. You no longer need to complete a separate application process through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning as was done in previous semesters.

Non-ALC Course Scheduling

Anyone seeking to schedule non-course events in the ALCs must use the Registrar’s room reservation system ROAR.

Please contact CETL with questions or course design concerns with your current or future ALC course.

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Support Contacts

ALC Users Group

ALC Users Groups meetings are an informal opportunity to meet other ALC instructors, exchange ideas, questions, and share strategies. Dates TBD.

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