Center Staff

Organizational Structure


Interim Director

Scott J. Strath, Ph.D., FACSM
Scott Strath, Interim Director
Dr. Strath joined UWM in 2003 and is a professor in the Department of Kinesiology, Exercise Science and Health Promotion. He holds affiliate appointments with the Medical College of Wisconsin, as well as the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His primary research focus revolves around physical activity and public health. Specific interests include the relationship between physical activity, cardiovascular, metabolic and functional health; physical activity promotional strategies; physical activity assessment; physical activity epidemiology; community and national physical activity patterns; and environmental determinants of physical activity behavior. Click here to view Dr. Scott Strath’s Vitae.

Contact Dr. Scott Strath:
Phone: (414) 229-7313
Office: NWQ 1427C

Administrative Core

Eric Gresnick, MA, CRA
Business Manager
Provides support on budgets, guidance on grant applications, and financial management of funded grants

Phone: (414) 229-2486
Office: Enderis 1189

Lydia LaGue
Lague, Program Associate
Program Associate
Responsible for administrative coordination for the center and provides assistance to the director and center staff.

Phone: (414) 229-7314
Office: NWQ B 1427A

Erica Verhagen
Verhagen Office Assistant
Office Assistant
Works with program associate to provide assistance to center staff.

Phone: (414) 229-7313
Office: NWQ B 1427A

Research Core

Katharine O’Connell Valuch, MA
O'Connell Valuch- Research DirectorResearch Director
Responsible for research oversight and coordination, coordination of grant submissions, grant progress reports, and manuscript submissions, and research tracking and evaluation.

Phone: (414) 229-2306
Office: NWQ B 1427D

Crystal Lendved, MA
10556842_10100459738114781_6145422570646214818_oIT/Web and Database Manager
Responsible for coordinating database development and management, maintaining the center webpage and newsletter, and serves as an IT liaison with campus.

Phone: (414) 229-7317
Office: NWQ B 1427B

Chris Cho, MS
Provides assistance with study design, grant preparation, data analysis, study result dissemination, scholarly publication, and preparation of data and grant reports.

Phone: (414) 229-7318
Office: NWQ B 1427B

Young Cho, Ph.D.
Cho, MethodologistMethodologist
Provides assistance with study design, grant development, program evaluation, data analysis, preparation of data reports and publications.

Phone: 414-229-5892
Office: Zilber School Of Public Health 448

Education & Programming Core

Rachelle Alioto, MSW, LCSW
Alioto, Director of EducationDirector of Education & Programming
In charge of advising and coordinating the Graduate Certificate in Applied Gerontology and the Helen Bader Scholarships for Studies in Aging as well as educational development and growth.

Phone: (414) 229-7316
Office: NWQ B 1427E

Student Assistants

Holly Neuman
Research Assistant

Office: NWQ B 1427B

Mark Lee
Mark LeeSocial Media and PR Intern
Responsible for managing social media accounts, developing communication campaigns, and producing content that celebrates adults who are aging successfully.

Office: NWQ B 1427B