about_catrWelcome to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Center for Aging and Translational Research!

Conceptualized and launched in 2013, the Center brings together multiple disciplines, departments, and colleges to work together to provide a unified and strategic response to advance aging research, education, training, and community engagement.

With the aging population boom coupled with high prevalence rates of chronic disease and disabilities, leading to increases in the need for long-term care and collective soaring health care costs, the necessity for a coordinated infrastructure to advance aging research and translation becomes paramount. The UWM Center for Aging and Translational Research aims to facilitate research, education and training excellence and translate effective interventional strategies to broadly promote successful aging in Southern Eastern Wisconsin and beyond. The Center is committed to foster programs and projects that will have meaningful impact for the lives of seniors.

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Mission Statement

The Center for Aging and Translational Research has a mission to foster and pioneer innovative interdisciplinary education and training that promotes successful aging with impactful community effect.

Strategic Plan

Please click here to download the 2013-2018 Strategic Plan.