Prepare & Practice

To know how to discuss your skills, interests, and experiences as they relate to the position you’re interviewing for you’ll need to…


  • Be Familiar With…
    • the organization
    • basic trends in the field
    • the position description
    • common interview questions and styles
    • questions to ask during and when you’re scheduling your interview


  • Know what you want to say – but DO NOT MEMORIZE answers.
  • Visualize positive interactions and outcomes
  • Get Feedback:
    • Ask people help you practice or record yourself to review your body language, word choice, and tone.
    • Need a Pep Talk?
      • Come to walk-in advising for brief pointers
    •  Want to Practice with a Career Advisor?
      • Call and schedule an appointment for a Mock Interview
    • Practice on your own with our online mock interview tool 24/7
How to use the Mock Interview Tool
  • Log-in to PantherJobs
  • Under the “Resources” tab, select “Mock Interviews”
  • Select “Record New Attempt” (pick a preformatted interview or create your own)
  • Complete your interview
  • Review your answers and send them to others