Career Planning

UWM students come to campus equipped with backpacks and briefcases, workout and business-casual attire, résumés and essays. They intern, co-op, independent study with more than 600 businesses, financial firms, health-care organizations, nonprofits, media and entertainment groups in the heart of Wisconsin’s commercial and cultural capital.

More than 200 employers visited UWM in 2010-11 to interview current students and alumni, participate in job fairs and educate students on the latest employment needs and opportunities for specific major(s).

According to staff in the UWM Career Planning and Resource Center, that trend continues in 2012. It’s never too early for students to begin researching their ideal academic major and career path(s).

Getting Started

Don’t think that every UWM student arrives here with a clear career path in mind, or a major to declare. Built into the approximate four-year time frame of a bachelor’s degree program is enough time to try out different classes, pursue an internship or two, and network with UWM alumni and leading figures in the field(s) of your interest.

Campus-wide Resources

Built into UWM are free, year-round, professionally staffed support offices that can help any student find their way into the right major, research internship opportunities and develop the résumé, job-search and interview skills to land a job.

  • The Career Planning and Resource Center
    Choose satisfying majors, find a campus job, build career skills, and make successful transitions from campus to career. Here students can plan an education that is both rewarding and marketable, and plug into the largest job market in the state.
  • Panther Jobs
    Whether you are a current student looking for a part-time job, internship, co-op or full-time position or an alumnus looking for a new opportunity, PantherJobs has something for you!

School/College Resources

In addition to the Career Development Center’s services, many of UWM’s 14 schools and colleges have their own internship-placement and career-preparation resources to supplement what students learn in classrooms, labs and fieldwork. Contact the program of your interest(s) for the most up-to-date information and resources.

  • Architecture & Urban Planning (School of)
    A variety of extracurricular organizations offer students opportunities to interact with diverse communities outside of the school. Participation in these organizations builds leadership skills, confidence, and expands students’ access to professional networks.
  • Continuing Education (School of)
    Discover more about your career goals and how to best match your skills with a prospective employer’s requirements.
  • Education (School of)
  • Engineering & Applied Science (College of)
    The College of Engineering & Applied Science Career Services office is dedicated to helping all CEAS students secure engineering or computer science-related work experience before graduation, including two annual job fairs and services for alumni job-seekers, as well.
  • Freshwater Sciences (School of)
    The School of Freshwater Sciences is committed to equipping future scientists and professionals with the interdisciplinary skills and expertise necessary to address the complex, multifaceted issues facing the world’s freshwater resources.
  • The Graduate School
  • Health Sciences (College of)
    CHS enjoys partnerships with hundreds of health-care providers where our students serve internships and receive clinical training required for graduation.
  • Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
    Hundreds of agencies in Wisconsin and surrounding states have partnered with UWM to provide a practicum experience where a student’s educational knowledge is integrated with social work practice.
  • Information Studies (School of)The School of Information Studies (SOIS) is committed to supporting students and alumni throughout their careers.
  • Joseph J. Zilber School of Public Health
    A large and growing network of community collaborations currently exists at UWM, including local health departments, health providers, environmental organizations, medical schools, businesses and other organizations.
  • Letters & Science (College of)
    Internships are available in a variety of public and private agencies in the Milwaukee metropolitan area.
  • Lubar School of Business
    The Lubar School of Business Career Services Center offers programs and services to meet the needs of undergraduate and graduate business students and alumni of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, as well as local and national employers.
  • Nursing (College of)
    The College of Nursing is Wisconsin’s largest nursing school and one of only two schools to offer students the full range of nursing degrees: BS, MN, DNP and PhD. The college is consistently ranked in the top 10% of U.S. News & World Report.
  • Peck School of the Arts
    The staff in the PSOA Office of Student Services takes great pride in assisting students with their academic and professional goals. We look forward to meeting with you to ensure you have a positive experience in the Peck School of the Arts and the greater campus community.