Furthering UWM’s Vision

“We will be a top-tier research university that is the best place to learn and work for students, faculty and staff, and that is a leading driver for sustainable economic prosperity. We will accomplish this through a commitment to excellence, powerful ideas, community and global engagement, and collaborative partnerships.”

Capital Projects

UWM currently has 3 capital projects with an estimated total cost of approximately 2.6 million dollars. See the project map and table below for project information and locations.

Project Name Total Cost Project Status
1. Lubar Entrepreneurship Center & Welcome Center $7,768,000 Pre-Design Complete
2. Classroom Projects 15-17 $850,000 Design Development

1. Lubar Entrepreneurship Center & Welcome Center

N. Maryland Ave & E. Kenwood Blvd


This project will provide a new stand‐alone, two‐level building for the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, Welcome Center and a Grind Café.

The Lubar Entrepreneurship Center will include spaces for collaborative activities, project‐based rooms, and active learning environments.  The space will be home to the Ideas Challenge Programming that supports education and entrepreneurship, curricular programs, and an ongoing relationship with business community partners, forming a growing ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Welcome Center will relocate visit programs and services from Vogel Hall to the new facility. It will continue to offer a variety of special tours and campus visits based at the new facility, serving prospective students.

Together the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center and Welcome Center will serve as a “front door” to campus, not only for students, but also for business and community leaders who interact with the University.

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Karen Wolfert (
  • Architect: Continuum Architects + Planners.
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: $7,768,000
  • Square Footage: 15,420 ASF / 24,094 GSF
  • Sources of Funding: $7,768,000 GFSB
  • Status: Pre-Design Complete
  • Design: Underway

  • Project Review: March 2017
  • BOR/SBC Authority to Construct: Summer 2017
  • Bidding: August 2017
  • Start Construction: November 2017
  • Substantial Completion: December 2018
  • Occupancy: May 2019
  • Primary Occupants: Lubar Entrepreneurship Center and Welcome Center

2. Classroom Projects 15-17

Kenwood Campus - EMS Building

EMS Hall – Project intent is to reconfigure 6 existing general assignment, non-mediated classrooms to provide 3 larger capacity mediated classrooms.

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Mike Priem (
  • Architect: Bray Architects
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Cost: $850,000
  • Sources of Funding: GFSB – $850,000
  • Status: Design Development (0% Complete)
  • Start Planning: May 2017

Work Completed Last Month:

  • None
  • 35% Review: TBD
  • Bidding: TBD
  • Start Construction: Spring 2018
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Substantial Completion: Summer 2018
  • Occupancy: Fall 2018
  • Primary Occupants: General Assignment ClassroomsWork Planned This Month:
  • Complete room finish and equipment/furnishing installation.

3. Jan Serr Studio at Kenilworth Square East

2185 N. Prospect Ave

Black box theaters (also known as an experimental theater), are a recent innovation in theatre design and experiences; foregoing the elaborate design, formality and complexity of traditional theaters to create a more intimate and informal experience for both performers and the audience.

The proposed flexible performance venue, will be constructed in a shelled area of Kenilworth Square East  (2185 N. Prospect Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin); home of the Peck School of the Arts faculty studios, class labs, and the Innova Gallery.  Located just over a mile south of the UWM main (Kenwood) campus, the facility offers specific physical features (high, laterally clear ceiling space, and a floor area with few structural obstructions) necessary to accommodate this type of theatre project.

To view the predesign draft, click here.

Project Information:

  • UWM Project Manager: Mike Priem (
  • Architect: Orchestra Design Studio
  • Contractor: TBD
  • Total Project Budget: $800,000
  • Square Footage: 10,930 ASF / 12,282 GSF
  • Sources of Funding: $800,000 Gift Funding
  • Status: Design Development

Work Completed Last Month:


  • Design Development Completed

  • 35% Review: Completed
  • Bidding: Summer 2017
  • Percent Completion: 0%
  • Substantial Completion / Occupancy: January 2018
  • Primary Occupants: PSOA



Work Planned This Month:


  • Construction Documentation Process

All Agency & Performance Contracts (Select Projects)
Maintenance, Repair, Renovation and Remodeling Projects

Sandburg Residence Hall Renovation - (DFD#16L1U)
Sandburg Towers, 3400 N Maryland Ave

This project renovates and repairs deteriorated piping, HVAC systems, elevator equipment, electrical infrastructure and fire detection systems within the Sandburg Residence Towers.  Resident rooms, restrooms and common spaces will also be renovated to meet current ADA standards and replace architectural finishes and furnishing to facilitate the infrastructure repair work.  This project has been bid and an architect will be selected in July 2017.

For More Information:
UWM Institutional Representative: Geoff Hurtado (


Art History Gallery Renovation - (DFD#14H2P)
Mitchell Hall, 3203 N Downer Ave
Rinka Chung Architects

The Mitchell Hall Art Gallery infrastructure, interior finishes, and interior configuration have been evaluated to identify deficiencies, develop design solution alternatives, and implement appropriate corrective measures. The design consultant has evaluated proposals to augment or replace the clean agent fire suppression system used to protect artwork and has developed an appropriate design solution. This project is currently under construction with a tentative completion date of June 30, 2017.

For More Information:
UWM Institutional Representative: Alex Alexopoulos (

Aquaculture Development - (DFD#14B2Q)

Great Lakes Research Facility, 600 E Greenfield Ave
Avantti Design Group

This project renovates 5,000 square feet of underutilized space in the Great Lakes Research Facility to create a flexible aquaculture training and research laboratory. Project work includes constructing a new partition wall enclosure for the project area and extending mechanical, electrical, and plumbing services into the project area.  Miron Construction was commissioned for the project and substantial completion has taken place.

For More Information:
UWM Institutional Representative: Claude Schuttey (


Floor/Track Replacement - (DFD#142JH)
Klotsche Center Fieldhouse, 3409 N Downer Ave

The flooring surfaces in the Klotsche Center Fieldhouse are more than 15 years old and have exceeded the typical life for similar flooring systems.  This project will remove and dispose of the synthetic flooring and plywood subflooring for the installation of new resilient pads with plywood subflooring and Mondo Super-X rubber sheet flooring.  The new flooring will be striped and marked for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and include a four lane 200 meter competition track surface.  Construction has begun for this project and the expected completion date is July 31, 2017.

For More Information:
UWM Institutional Representative: Alex Alexopoulos (