Innovative Weather

Innovative Weather at UW-Milwaukee is excited to announce openings in our professional internship program available to qualified students. We are now accepting resumes through Wednesday September 21, 2016 with interviews expected to take place the following week. This internship is open to graduate students in the Atmospheric Sciences as well as undergraduates with a minimum of Atmo 240 and who are declared Atmospheric Science majors.

Innovative Weather is a 24/7 operational forecast internship that serves partners from across the Midwest including the Milwaukee Brewers, Summerfest, WUWM, We Energies, Lake Express, Alliant Energies and several others. IW provides weather risk assessment and decision support services, which allow our partners to make timely and cost effective decisions for the well being of their staff and operation as well as the customers they serve. Students acquire forecasting skills and experience through our training program and then are invited to participate as full paid staff in the program as they continue to develop personal and professional skills that will be foundational for them in all phases of their lives and future careers. For more information visit

If you would like to apply for this round of intern positions, please email Mike Westendorf and Dr. Paul Roebber a copy of your cover letter and resume by Wednesday September 21, 2016. IW will then schedule interview windows for applicants to sign up the following week.

If you are not yet eligible for the operational internship program, you may still participate in the pre internship, which will begin Monday September 19, 2016 at 4:30pm at the Innovative Weather offices at Alumni House in either room 204 or the Garden Room and should wrap up by 5:45pm. Again, email Mike Westendorf if you are interested in the pre-internship.

Thank you for your interest in Innovative Weather at UW-Milwaukee.

Mike Westendorf,
Director of Operations – Innovative Weather

Paul Roebber,
Innovative Weather Program Director