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Students focus on theatre as a cultural, educational, and humanitarian art form, and are trained to use and demonstrate high impact practices in their respective classrooms. Through immersion in creative and collaborative theatre/drama processes, students build professional capacity through arts-infused curricula. UWM’s Department of Theatre supports schools and cultural institutions in both the urban classroom setting, and beyond, by encouraging accessible creative arts education for all students.

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Curriculum below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program, depending upon original date of declaration. Future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Theatre Education EC-A

A successful interview is required prior to entry into the program. Visit the admission page under Theatre for more information.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
Humanities 6
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
Required Education Courses
ED PSY 330 3
CURRINS 343 or CURRINS 545 3
EXCEDUC 300, 531, or 605 3
Peck School of the Arts (3 arts areas outside department) 9
Peck School of the Arts (3 arts areas inside/outside department) 3
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 3
General (outside department) 3
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas

Theatre Core 32 Credits
Introductory Course
(Choose from below) 3
THEATRE 101 Acting for non-majors
THEATRE 110 Acting I
THEATRE 204 Theatre & Social Change
THEATRE 260 Storytelling
THEATRE 213 Play Analysis 3
THEATRE 214 Stage Craft (with lab) 4
THEATRE 225 Costume Construction (with lab) 4
THEATRE 230 Acting II – Text & Performance 3
THEATRE 236 Production & Design 3
THEATRE 275 Performing Arts Management 3
THEATRE 305 Theatrical Experience 3
THEATRE 321 Theatre – Beginning to Realism 3
THEATRE 322 Theatre – Modern & Contemporary 3


Degree Curriculum 53 Credits
THEATRE 204 Theatre & Social Change 3
THEATRE 260 Storytelling (if not taken previously) 3
THEATRE 320 Performing Community 3
THEATRE 410 Stage Directing 3
(Choose from below) 3
THEATRE 218 Drafting and Design Communication
THEATRE 359 Playwriting
(Choose from below) 6
CURRINS 664 Dramatizing Children’s LIterature
THEATRE 448 The Creative Classroom
THEATRE 473 theatre in Elementary Education
Required Methods Coursework
THEATRE 474 Theatre in Secondary Education 3
THEATRE 484 Fieldwork in Theatre 3
Required Student Teaching Practicum/Fieldwork Coursework
THEATRE 485 Elementary Level Student Teaching 6
THEATRE 486 Secondary Student Teaching 6
(Choose from Theatre class listings in consultation with advisor) 4

Education Certification Requirements
Pre-Professional Skills requirement (consult with advisor)
COMM 101 or 103
Act 31 Requirement (workshop OR AIS 203, ANTHRO 213, or HIST 263)
2.75 Cumulative GPA from acceptance through graduation
Praxis II (consult with area head)
Issues of Abuse Workshop (completed at student teaching orientation)
EdTPA (consult with area head)


Minor - Theatre Education

The teaching minor leading to certification is open only to students pursuing and accepted into a teaching major in an appropriately related field (e.g. English). Accepted students will be expected to pass the Praxis II Theatre test prior to their fieldwork and student teaching (THEATRE 484, 485, and 486).

For questions, or to declare a minor/certificate, contact the Peck School of the Arts Advising Office at (414) 229-4763 or psoa-advising@uwm.edu

Degree Curriculum 18 Credits
Introductory Course
(Choose from below) 3
THEATRE 100 Intro to Theatre
THEATRE 101 Intro to the Actor’s Art
THEATRE 110 Acting I
(Choose from below) 3
THEATRE 214 Stagecraft
THEATRE 236 Production and Design
THEATRE 213 Play Analysis 3
THEATRE 321 The Theatre – Beginning Through Realism 3
THEATRE 322 The Theatre – Modern and Contemporary Period 3
THEATRE 410 Stage Directing 3

Post Baccalaureate - Theatre Education Teaching Certification

Students who have already earned a Bachelor’s Degree in theatre or equivalent degree (subject to faculty review) are eligible to apply for post baccalaureate studies in theatre education. Through these studies, students complete remaining undergraduate coursework and requirements leading to a recommendation for certification to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to teach theatre in grades K-12.


Profile Picture

Brittani Ebert

BA Theatre | 2003

Ebert, who moved to Los Angeles from Sun Prairie, discusses her co-starring role on ABC's "Modern Family". She has also appeared on “Jane the Virgin” and “Criminal Minds” and as a semi-regular character on “General Hospital".


Art Director
Artistic Director
Business Consultant
Community Organizer
Conflict/Resolution Facilitator
Corporate Event Coordinator
Corporate Trainer
Costume Crafts Artisan
Costume Designer
Costume Director
Costume Draper/Cutter
Costume Dyer/Painter
Costume Shop Manager
Drapery Fabricator/Installer
Education Administrator
Fight Choreographer

Life Coach
Lighting Designer
Makeup Artist
Makeup Designer
Managing Director
Master Carpenter
Production Assistant
Production Manager
Professional Actor
Project Manager
Properties Designer
Properties Master
Props Artisan
Rigging Installer
Scenery Designer

Scenery Shop Manager
Scenic Artist
Set Decorator
Set Painter
Social Worker
Sound Designer
Sound Technician
Stage Carpenter
Stage Director
Stage Electrician
Stage Hand
Stage Manager
Staging Fabricator
Technical Director
Theatre Consultant
Theatre Equipment Sales
Trade Show Designer
Wardrobe Director


Dedicated Theatre Education Faculty

profile photoRalph Janesjanes@uwm.eduArt 232

Director, K-12 Theatre Education

Lecturer, Theatre History & Education

Outreach Coordinator, Theatre

profile photoRobin Mellormello@uwm.eduTheatre 220

Area Head, BA Theatre

Associate Professor, Storytelling & Theatre History

Theatre Faculty & Staff