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Studies in pencil-and-paper composition cover a variety of approaches to notation, rhythm, harmony, texture, and orchestration. At the same time, electronic music courses teach students to apply current music technology to their work. Digital audio, analog synthesis, surround sound and spatialization, creative applications of recording and editing, algorithmic composition, and computer programming for audio are covered in the undergraduate electronic course series.


BFA student composers produce a concert of their works each semester through the Music From Almost Yesterday student organization, emphasizing instrumental and vocal compositions. The biannual Electroacoustic Salon concerts presents works by students enrolled in music technology courses. Additionally, the Contemporary Music Ensemble presents an annual concert of student works.

Each semester, Unruly Music presents a three-concert festival featuring guest artist, faculty, and student performances of contemporary music, spanning instrumental and vocal composition, contemporary approaches to improvisation, electroacoustic music, and multimedia.


The Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra (MiLO) is an improvisation collective fusing live electronic sound, instrumental performance, and video projection into a rich multimedia experience. The group embraces a wide variety of electronic practices: circuit-bending, software synthesis, repurposed effects pedals and portable game devices, live processing of instrumental sound, VJing, network music, and procedural animation all find their way into the mix. With student, faculty, alumni, and Milwaukee community participants, MiLO creates an energized, immersive tapestry of sound and image, all produced live and in the moment.

TORCH is the TC-11 ORCHestra – an electric ensemble with an army of iPads and a fully programmable multi-touch synth. Led by TC-11 software developer Kevin Schlei, TORCH explores the many ways that iPad synthesizer interfaces can be used in ensemble improvisation.

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Curriculum below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program, depending upon original date of declaration. Future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Music: Composition & Technology

A successful audition is required prior to entry into the program. View the department requirements on the admission page for more information.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
Humanities 6
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
MUSIC 310 (OWC-B) 3
FILM 116, 201, or 202 3
ART 118, or 324 3
Peck School of the Arts (Dance or Theatre) 3
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 12
General (outside department) 3
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas
Degree Curriculum 85 Credits
MUSIC 50, 52, or 56 (Choir) 2
MUSPERF 101/201 Lessons in Piano 4-6
MUSIC 120 Composition Colloquium (8 sem.) 0
MUSIC XXX (Performing Ensemble – see advisor for requirements) 5
MUSIC 220 Intro to Computers & Music 3
MUSIC 327 Analog & Digital Synthesis I 3
MUSIC 328 Digital Synthesis & Systems II 3
MUSIC 353 Conducting 2
MUSPERF 361 Lessons in Composition 4
MUSIC 420 Advanced Computing & Music 3
MUSPERF 461 Lessons in Composition 8
MUSIC 660, or 691 Thesis/Recital 2
Convocation (6 sem. MUSIC 106, MUSIC 107) 0
Music Theory
MUSIC 123 Aural Theory I 1
MUSIC 124 Aural Theory II 1
MUSIC 127 Materials of Theory I 2
MUSIC 128 Materials of Theory II 3
MUSIC 225 Materials of Theory III (QL-B) 3
MUSIC 226 Aural Theory III 1
MUSIC 230 Form Analysis 3
MUSIC 321 Counterpoint 3
MUSIC 323 Instrumentation 3
MUSIC 421 Materials of Contemporary Music 3
Music History
MUSIC 211 General History of Western Music I 3
MUSIC 212 General History of Western Music II 3
MUSIC 307 General History of Western Music III 3
MUSIC 314 Music Since 1900 3
Music Electives (Choose from Music class listings in consultation with advisor) 4-6
General Electives 5


Profile Picture

Luke Wieting

BFA, Composition | 2008

Luke Wieting is a critically acclaimed, award-winning film and television composer. Luke has scored a wide variety of projects, including feature films, television shows, dance pieces, and commercials.


  • Music Publisher
  • Music Theorist
  • Performing Artist
  • Producer
  • Promoter
  • Radio Manager
  • Radio Programmer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Software Manager
  • Sound Mastering Engineer
  • Sound Reinforcement Technician
  • Synthesizer Designer
  • Synthesizer Technician
  • Theatrical Composer
  • Theatrical Sound Engineer


Dedicated Composition & Technology Faculty

profile photoJoshua Backesjdbackes@uwm.eduMusic 369

Associate Lecturer, Composition & Theory

profile photoWilliam Heinrichsheinwill@uwm.eduMusic 231

Area Head, Theory

Associate Professor, Composition & Theory

profile photoJonathan Monhardtmonhardt@uwm.eduMusic 107

Area Head, Composition

Senior Lecturer, Composition & Theory

profile photoKevin Schleikdschlei@uwm.eduKenilworth Square East 583

Lecturer, Composition & Theory

profile photoAmanda Schoofsschoofsa@uwm.eduMusic 369

Director, Contemporary Music Ensemble

Lecturer, Composition & Theory

profile photoJon Welsteadjonw@uwm.eduMusic 130

Department Chair, Music

Professor, Composition & Theory

Music Faculty & Staff