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Our Bachelor of Art degree in Dance will prepare you to teach movement in a myriad of community settings, including schools, community centers, and health clubs. Our students are also well prepared to work professionally with dance studios and companies in education or outreach roles, as well as perform.


Four concerts are presented at UWM each year: Winterdances and Springdances, which showcase students performing the the work of faculty and guest artists at the university’s flagship Mainstage Theatre, and New Dancemakers and Dancemakers, which feature choreography by undergraduate and graduate students, respectively, in creative spaces. Recent guest artists have included Susan Marshall, Ronald K. Brown, Laura Dean, and Daniel Gwirtzman.

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Curriculum listed below is approved for students currently enrolled in the respective program. Any future adjustments for new/incoming students will be posted by the start of the Fall Semester. After reviewing, please connect with our advising office to start planning your degree path today!

Bachelor of Arts (BA) - Dance

A successful audition is required prior to entry into the program. View the department requirements on the admission page for more information.

University Core 45 Credits
Competencies (more info)
English Parts A & B *
Math Parts A & B *
Foreign Language *
General Education Requirements (more info)
Humanities 6
Social Science 6
Natural Science (1 course with lab) 6
Cultural Diversity *
DANCE 352 Digital Media Portfolio 3
MUSIC (100, 101, 102, 130, 140, 150, 309, 310, 317, 556, 449, 489, 680) 3
Peck School of the Arts (2 areas from Art, Film, or Theatre) 6
General (outside Peck School of the Arts) 12
General (outside department) 3
*credit may be utilized in required curriculum areas


Dance Core (required first year completion with 3.0 GPA) 16 Credits
DANCE 110 Intro to the Art of Dance 3
DANCE 111 Ballet I 3
DANCE 113 Modern Dance I 3
DANCE 135 Intro to Dancemaking Skills 3
DANCE 192 Dance Freshman Seminar 1
DANCE 233 Improv for Dancemaking 3

Degree Curriculum 59 Credits
DANCE 103 Intro to Iyengar Yoga 2
DANCE 219 Arts in Community Service 3
DANCE 220 Body Sense 3
DANCE 250 Sophomore Seminar 0
DANCE 251 Laban Movement Analysis 3
DANCE 313, 314, or 315 3
DANCE 319 Dance Service Learning 1
DANCE 320 Rituals and Culture 3
DANCE 350 Upper Level Seminar 0
DANCE 371 Applied Anatomy 3
DANCE 420 Creating Dance in Community Settings 3
DANCE 460 Teaching Dance in Community Settings 3
DANCE 601 Senior Project 3
Ballet or Modern Sequence (choose one area of focus)
(Ballet) 9
DANCE 112 Ballet Tradition II
DANCE 211 Ballet Tradition III
DANCE 212 Ballet Tradition IV
DANCE 114 Modern Tradition II
DANCE 213 Modern Tradition III
DANCE 214 Modern Tradition IV
(Choose from below) 2
DANCE 122 African Dance
DANCE 335 Hip Hop I
DANCE 338 Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian-Dance
DANCE 370 World Movement Traditions (approved sub-topic)
(Choose from below) 2
DANCE 336 Latino/Hispanic Form: Salsa/Merengue
DANCE 338 Capoeira: Afro-Brazilian-Dance
DANCE 370 World Movement Traditions (approved sub-topic)
(Choose from below) 2
DANCE 334 Asian Form: Tai Chi
DANCE 370 World Movement Traditions (approved sub-topic)
(Choose from below) 2
DANCE 337 European Form: Ballroom
DANCE 370 World Movement Traditions (approved sub-topic)
(Choose from Dance class listings in consultation with advisor) 12


Profile Picture

Kym McDaniel

BFA, Dance | 2014

"Being injured was not new, but it hadn't gotten easier; there's always a process of loss and grief, and I wanted to see if I could tunnel that creativity into something else." Kym McDaniel on her film work at Danceworks.


Artistic Director/Advisor
Ballet Master/Mistress
Company Manager
Education Director
Guest Choreographer
Independent Contractor
Outreach Coordinator
Professional Performer
Rehearsal Director
Resident Choreographer
Tour Manager

Careers in Related Fields
Arts Administrator/Manager
Costume/Light/Prop/Set/Sound Designer
Dance Anthropologist
Dance Archivist/Librarian
Dance Critic
Dance Historian
Dance Researcher
Dance Therapist
Grant Writer
Physical Therapist
Stage Manager

Alexander Technique Practitioner
Curriculum Developer
Elementary or Secondary School Teacher
Outreach Coordinator
Studio Director/Teacher
Pilates Instructor
Yoga Instructor


profile photoMelissa Andersonandersml@uwm.edu

Lecturer, Dance

Lecturer, Musical Theatre

profile photoDaniel Burkholder(414) 229-2648burkhol6@uwm.eduMitchell 345B

Assistant Professor, Dance

profile photoSimone Ferro(414) 229-4178sferro@uwm.eduZelazo 372

Director, Dance MFA Program

Professor, Dance

profile photoMaria Gillespie(414) 229-5161gillespi@uwm.eduMitchell 343C

Assistant Professor, Dance

profile photoAlex Hansenajhansen@uwm.edu

Senior Lecturer, Dance

profile photoJoey Hernandezherna274@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Dance

profile photoDani Kuepperdkuepper@uwm.edu

Outreach Coordinator, Dance

Senior Lecturer, Dance

profile photoDebra Loewendloewen@uwm.edu

Senior Lecturer, Dance

profile photoAnnie Melchiormelchior@uwm.eduZelazo 372

Lecturer, Dance

profile photoMarcia Parsons(414) 229-5050marciap@uwm.eduMitchell 345A

Professor, Dance

profile photoTim Russellrussel64@uwm.edu

Director, Music

Lecturer, Dance

profile photoThomas Ryanryant@uwm.edu

Lecturer, Dance

profile photoDan Schuchartschuch@uwm.edu

Outreach & Community Liaison

Lecturer, Dance

profile photoDeMar Walkerwalkerdt@uwm.edu

Associate Lecturer, Dance

profile photoKrislyn Worldkworld@uwm.edu

Senior Lecturer, Dance

profile photoDarci Wutz(414) 229-3058darcwutz@uwm.eduMitchell 343B

Department Chair, Dance

Professor, Dance

Lecturer, Musical Theatre

Dance Faculty