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  • Snow Guest Lecture: Japanese Woodblock Prints Snow Lecture on Japanese Woodblock Prints

    Snow Lecture on Japanese Woodblock PrintsHonors College Professor Hilary Snow showed Japanese woodblock prints from the UWM Art Collection to accompany her guest lecture Monday, October 23rd in Assistant Professor Kay Wells’ course, ‘Frank Lloyd Wright.’ Her presentation focused on the tradition of Japanese ukiyo-e printmaking and discussed the common subjects of the kabuki theater, the pleasure district, and landscape prints. Snow also discussed the Western reception and subsequent collection of these objects by significant figures like Wright.

    Check out the UWM Art Collection online here!

  • First Research Colloquium of the School Year

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Modern Art Sarah Schaefer presented her talk “The Word Illuminated: Gustave Dore, the Bible, and Modern Visual Culture” at the first Research Colloquium of the semester on October 19th. Her presentation drew from her book project and discussed the creation, reception, and later adaptations of French artist Gustave Doré’s biblical imagery. Join us for our next Research Colloquium November 30th to hear Graduate Student Kelsey Rozema present her research.

  • Display

    Author: K.L.H. Wells, Assistant Professor
    Published in: Textile Studies, no. 0, Textile Terms: A Glossary (2017): 77-79, edited by Anika Reineke, Anne Röhl, Mateusz Kapustka und Tristan Weddigen
    Published by: Part of the SNF Research Project “TEXTILE. An Iconology of the Textile in Art and Architecture”, University of Zurich.
    Year: 2017
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  • Mobilizing the Past for a Digital Future: The Potential of Digital Archaeology

    Author: Derek Counts, Professor  (with E. W. Averett [Creighton University] and Jody Michael Gordon [Wentworth Institute of Technology])
    Publisher: Digital Press at the University of North Dakota
    Year: 2016
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  • Rockefeller’s Guernica and the Collection of Modern Copies

    Author: K.L.H. Wells, Assistant Professor
    Published in: Journal of the History of Collections (257-277)
    Published by: Oxford University Press
    Year: 2015
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