Services and Accommodations

Accommodations are determined by the ARC counselor and the student through an interactive, individual process with consideration given to the disability documentation, past history, functional limitations, and student self report.

Accommodations are listed on the VISA (Verified Individual Services and Accommodations) which the student shares with instructors. It is recommended that the student meet with each instructor during their office hours to share the VISA and discuss the accommodations needed for each class. The VISA needs to be updated yearly.

Accommodation Procedure

  1. Student meets with ARC counselor for initial interview
  2. During the initial interview VISA (Verified Individual Services and Accommodations) is developed
  3. Student receives paper copies of VISA during this meeting (VISA may also be emailed if requested for online classes)
  4. Student shares VISA with each instructor
  5. Student MUST DISCUSS with each instructor exactly what accommodations are needed for each course
  6. Accommodations must be arranged IN ADVANCE (minimum 5 days for testing)
  7. Each semester the student will meet with instructors to share VISA
  8. VISA will generally need to be updated each year

Specific Services/Accommodations

Alternative Text

Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Housing Accommodations

Notetaking Services

Service and Assistance Animals

Test Accommodations

Temporary Impairments