Getting Started

A guide to Obtaining Academic Accommodations and Services for Students with Disabilities

  1. Fill out a Prospective Student Form located in Mitchell Hall 112 OR directly contact a counselor to request services.
  2. If needed, follow the procedure for Placement Test Accommodations.
  3. Send your documentation to the Accessibility Resource Center. Refer to our documentation guidelines.
  4. Call or email the appropriate counselor to schedule an appointment to discuss your needs and develop your Verified Individual Services and Accommodation plan, or VISA.

After your initial meeting with your ARC counselor you will need to do the following:

  • Share your VISA with your instructors during their office hours.
  • Discuss with the instructor the specific accommodations you will need for their course.
  • Make arrangements with the instructor if testing or exam accommodations are needed; note that arrangements must be made IN ADVANCE.
  • Bring the Alternative Test Form along to this meeting in case it is needed.
  • Advise your counselor of any changes in your condition or if you are having difficulties.
  • Renew your VISA every year.

Documentation submitted to ARC is considered confidential and maintained separately from the student’s educational record.

Documentation should be sent to the following address-
Be sure to include the counselor’s name if you have been in touch with a specific counselor:

Accessibility Resource Center
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee
P.O. Box 413 Milwaukee, WI. 53201

Fax to: (414) 229-2237
Email to:

Reviewed:  August 2017