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Housing Accommodations

Information, requirements, and procedures for requesting housing accommodations.
Learn more about Housing Accommodations at UWM

Transition to UWM

Are you ready? Learn about the differences Between High School and College Accommodations, and explore some helpful online resources for making the transition.
Learn more about transitioning to UWM

Registering with ARC

Learn about the steps and requirements for obtaining services and accommodations from the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC).
Learn more about Registering with ARC

Resources for Undiagnosed Students

Resources for obtaining an evaluation for a learning disability, Attention Deficit Disorder, or a mental health concern such as depression, anxiety, etc.
Learn more about resources for undiagnosed students

General Documentation Guidelines (All Disabilities)

General guidelines and requirements that apply to all types of disabilities and disability documentation submitted to ARC.
Learn more about general documentation guidelines for all disabilities

Placement Test Accommodations

Scantron testing form with pencil The process for requesting placement test accommodations, which are available to students who have been admitted to UWM and need accommodations for their placement tests.
Learn more about placement test accommodations


Reviewed: August 2017