Forms & Policies

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH)

Please visit our main D/HH page for all D/HH-specific forms.

Request and Agreement Forms

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (PDF)

Test/Exam Accommodations

Alternative Testing Request Form (PDF)

Alternative Testing Policy/Guidelines (PDF)

Alternative Testing Policy/Guidelines (web version) (HTML version)

ARC Alternative Testing Form Tip Sheet (Helpful information for Faculty/Staff)

Alternative Text

Alternative Text Request Form

Alternative Text Policies and Procedures

Alternative Text Individual Use Agreement

Documentation Forms

AD/HD Disability Assessment Form (PDF)

Learning Disability Assessment Guidelines (PDF)

Psychiatric Disability Assessment Form (PDF)

Blind/Low Vision, Chronic Health, Deaf & Hard of Hearing, Mobility and Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment Form (PDF)

Temporary Impairments (PDF)

ARC Policies

Appeal Procedure for ARC Accommodation Decisions (HTML Version)

Appeal Procedure for ARC Accommodation Decisions (PDF)

ARC Confidentiality Policy

ARC Payment Policy for Support Services

ARC Disability Disclosure Policy (PDF)

ARC Disability Disclosure Policy (HTML Version)

UWM Nondiscrimination Policy (PDF)

Notetaker Information

How To Get A Notetaker (PDF)

Notetaking Policy (PDF)

Notetaking Policy (HTML Version)

Notetaker Orientation/Training Quiz

Notetaker Tips

Notetaker Letter and Announcement for Instructors (PDF)

Notetaker Letter and Announcement for Instructors (HTML Version)

ARC Excellence Award Nomination

ARC Excellence Award Nomination Form

Feedback Surveys

General ARC Services Student Feedback Survey

D/HH Services:

Captioning Services Feedback Survey

Interpreting Services Feedback Survey

Reviewed: August 2017