Forms & Policies

Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH)

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Student Service Request Form (For Students Only)

D/HH Student Policies, Responsibilities and Agreement Form (PDF)

Campus Community Service Request Form (PDF)

Direct Charge of Internal Services Form (Required for Campus Community Service Requests approved by ARC)

UWM Media Captioning Request Form

Request and Agreement Forms

Authorization for Release of Confidential Information (PDF)

Test/Exam Accommodations

Alternative Testing Request Form (PDF)

Alternative Testing Procedure and Agreement (PDF)

Alternative Testing Procedure and Agreement (HTML version)

Alternative Text

Alternative Text Request Form

Alternative Text Individual Use Agreement

Documentation Forms

Documentation for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (PDF)

Documentation for Learning Disability (PDF)

Documentation for Psychological Disability (PDF)

Certification of Physical Disability and/or Medical Condition (PDF)

ARC Policies

ARC Confidentiality Policy

ARC Payment Policy for Support Services

ARC Disability Disclosure Policy (PDF)

ARC Disability Disclosure Policy (HTML Version)

Notetaker Information

Notetaker Orientation/Training Quiz

Notetaker Tips

Notetaker Letter and Announcement for Instructors (PDF)

Notetaker Letter and Announcement for Instructors (HTML Version)

ARC Excellence Award Nomination

ARC Excellence Award Nomination Form

Feedback Surveys

General ARC Services Student Feedback Survey

D/HH Services:

Captioning Services Feedback Survey

Interpreting Services Feedback Survey